Thoughts For Friday
TGIF – I can’t wait to partake in some serious rest & relaxation this weekend! Today’s post is going to be a random assortment of thoughts I’m having this Friday morning. First up, THESE BOOTS!

How amazing are they?! I came across them last night, and can’t get them out of my head – I definitely think I’m going to need to splurge and get them – I feel like they’d last a long time, and since they’re flat, I know I’d wear them all the time (whenever I buy boots with heels, I don’t wear them nearly as often). What do you think, are they worth it? 

The weather is (finally) starting to cool down in New York, and I can’t wait to start wearing more outfits like this – so simple, yet amazing. I’m big into oversized turtlenecks this year, I think I need to make a trip to Zara over the weekend, I haven’t been there in a while. Have you been lately? 

I was at Nordstrom yesterday (making returns, not shopping), and spotted this bag – immediately started drooling. I know the Sac de Jour isn’t a brand new style that nobody has seen, but I’ve never seen it in this color – it was amazing, more gray in person than brown as it looks in this picture. The size is perfection – not too big, and not too small. 
It also comes in red – equally as beautiful, but I think I may get tired of the red (although I’ve been on the hunt for a great red bag). Thoughts? 

Blogger gossip: One thing Meggan and I were super surprised (and disappointed, to be honest) about when we were at fashion week was the cattiness/two-faced personalities we came into contact with. Of course we’d never share who, but we were shocked. Blogging is funny, because you think you get an idea for what people’s personalities are like, but you could (probably) be wayyyy off. We were in an elevator with a somewhat “big” blogger, and she and her friends were talking about a fashion show she’d just been to, and she said “Ehh…you didn’t miss much,” (followed by talking poorly of a mutual friend these girls had) only to instagram a photo of the show 30 minutes later saying the designer is always one of her absolute favorites (#barf). However, many of the bloggers (even and especially those who have a HUGE following + worldwide campaigns) that we met were ultra sweet, so that made up for it. It seemed like those who were the most standoff-ish, were those who had somewhat of a following, but not everybody knew their name (except the elevator experience, LOL). Just thought it was interesting, and had to share. In the words of Diane von Furstenberg, “You don’t have to be a bitch to be successful.” 
I’m desperate for new hair, and am loving this look on Jessica Alba. It might be a little brassy for me, maybe I’ll just go back to dark brown for fall/winter. Please send help. 
Have a happy weekend, loves!! Xx