Big News!

Good morning, lovelies! If you follow us on insta, you probably already know my big news…I’m pregnant (currently 21 weeks!) with baby number 2! I had a few questions as to whether or not this was my first babe, but nope! I currently have a crazy toddler on my hands, so this is definitely going to be an adventure. 😉 I’m not sure if you guys are even interested in keeping up with my pregnancy or not (please leave comments to let me know either way!), but I’m planning to do weekly or bi-weekly updates, as well as continue with outfit posts (wearing non-maternity clothes for now, will eventually have to switch out a few pieces for maternity – uhg!). Anyway, here we go!

How far along? 21 weeks
Maternity clothes? Nope! And holding off as long as possible. I hate spending money on clothes you can ONLY wear while you are pregnant, it seems like such a waste.
Sleep: Sleeping pretty well, but waking up in the night is always a pain ;).
Best moment this week? I’ll be heading to the doctor this morning, and will set up an ultrasound to determine the gender! Any guesses?
Physical activity: Embarrassed to say zero. Need some motivation in this department.
Baby movement? Definitely feeling little kicks daily.
Food cravings: My sweet tooth is trying to take me down (if you haven’t noticed on insta). During my first pregnancy, all I craved was fruit. This time, I want cake, cupcakes, donuts, macarons, and anything else laced with sugar. I know, this is not good.
Gender prediction: NO idea! We had a little scare in the beginning of this pregnancy, so after that (as cliche as it sounds), we are just praying for a healthy babe. We currently have a girl, so a girl would be great because I have so many cute things saved + I always wanted a sister, but a boy would be fun because we already have a girl.
Milestone: Already over halfway there! Can’t believe how much faster the second pregnancy goes!