Anniversary: 3

Happy hump day! Today is my hubby and my third anniversary – can’t believe it, the years are going buy faster and faster. I’m sure many of you can relate! I wanted to share a few shots from our wedding with you – we had a small, intimate wedding at a private estate in California, and it was the most amazing day! We got married only 5 months after our engagement (best decision ever) because I did not enjoy the wedding planning process AT all. We hired a planner, picked a venue, and left (mostly) the rest up to her. It really allowed us to focus on each other, and what the day is truly about instead of stressing for months over what color the napkins are going to be ;). I decided to wear two dresses – one for the ceremony and one for the after party, and was so happy I did because my ceremony dress was so heavy and uncomfortable. It was pouring rain the day before and the day after our wedding, but the weather on the actual day couldn’t have been more perfect – hope you ladies enjoy this little glimpse into our day. xx