New In: Classic Carry-On (and my favorite travel bags for every budget!)
I’ve been wanting a classic carry-on bag for years, and finally added one to my collection. This LV Keepall has been on my lust list for years, and after seeing it on one of my favorite girls, Natalie, I knew I needed it. I looked around for a vintage version because I love the idea of a vintage travel bag, but I couldn’t find one in great shape with a shoulder strap which I really need when traveling with a tot (soon to be 2!), so I opted to buy new. Obviously, you can’t really go wrong when you buy new, but you can save a lot if you go vintage (or pre-owned). I would suggest searching reputable sites like Fashionphile or Portero versus Ebay to steer clear of fakes. Below are a few of my favorite weekend/carry-on bags for every budget. 

Do you have a favorite carry-on?