Weekend Recap (and my big celeb sighting!)
Good morning, and happy it’s Monday! We are both buried in snow today – Chicago had a major blizzard yesterday, and NY is experiencing freezing rain/snow currently…woohoo. #soreadyforspring 
Hope you had a great weekend – mine was pretty busy, and a lot of fun! We’ve laid low the past few weekends because I’ve been so sick, so it felt great to get out and about all weekend. On Friday night, we went out for sushi. I’ve really been missing sushi this pregnancy, and haven’t had anything for a long time. Of course, I have to stick to rolls that are cooked, but I had a dragon roll that was ah-maze. I found this recipe on pinterest, I don’t think I’m up to making sushi at home, but this looks so good! 
Kicked off Saturday with a trip to Dunkin’ … yes, I know. I’ve been going there wayyyy too often lately, but I couldn’t resist this heart donut. Love. February is one of my favorite months – my birthday and Valentine’s Day within days of one another…what’s better than that? Christmas, maybe. 
A mani/pedi was also on the menu for Saturday. This is 2 coats of OPI ‘funny bunny,’ and 1 coat of CND ‘romantique.’ 
On Saturday night, we made our way to the city for a triple date at Minetta Tavern. It was such a cool place – we had never been before. I love ‘hidden’ restaurants, and you would never really know what’s inside if you were just passing by on the street. I ordered the best beet salad I’ve ever had, and a black truffle pasta…yes please! This is where my celeb sighting comes in – I’ve only seen 3 celebs since moving to NY (first one was Stanley Tucci on the street, we locked eyes and I swear he was begging me not to say anything or ask for a photo…and I didn’t, second was Hoda from the Today Show – she was so sweet and loved Sophia), but this one was mayyy-joorrrr. Jake. Gyllenhaal. YES! If you’ve ever dined in a packed NYC restaurant you understand how close the tables are, and how you have to get in and out of your table…well we had to literally move our table so he could get in to his, and then sat 4 feet from him the entire dinner. The thing I love about New York is that nobody ever came up to him, or asked him for a photo or anything…just your average Saturday night ;). He looks just as good in person…in case you were wondering. 
Leftover curls are the best…I have been going back and forth with the length of my hair, I want to chop it, then I don’t. Currently, I’d like to keep it long, but am desperate for a good few inches off the ends. Does anyone have an amazing hair stylist in the NYC area? I’d love to know! On my lips: lipstick (in creme cup) and gloss. Also, I’ve been wearing this sweater to death…my favorite. 
Last night we stayed in, ordered pizza, and watched the Super Bowl – it was such an exciting game down to the last play…but of course I especially look forward to the commercials and half-time show just a bit more than the game ;). Katy Perry did a pretty great job…it wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen (Beyonce … need I say more?), but it was definitely a good show, and the costume changes were pretty impressive! 
Today will probably be low-key…this is the current state of our backyard. 

Have a great day babes!