Bumpdate // 26 Weeks

How far along? 
26 weeks!

Maternity clothes? 
Yep! My regular fitting (over-sized) tops are starting to get too short and pants are starting to get uncomfortable. I use this belly band so I can still wear regular jeans but maternity pants are a lot more comfortable. The only problem is if you wear tighter shirts the belly band outline shows. I do a double layer though so that could be why. My favorite pants are: this pair from Gap, Paige ‘Verdugo’,  and Splendid leggings. These leggings are SO comfortable! Get the non-maternity version here. I can’t wait for the weather to really warm up so I can start wearing dresses and skirts. Wearing pants my least favorite things about pregnancy. I change into my robe seconds after walking in the door after work!
Total weight gain?
8 pounds.
Spicy foods (sriracha on erry-thang.) but that’s nothing out of the ordinary. My appetite has increased a lot the last couple weeks and I feel like I’m constantly snacking. I can eat a huge meal and still feel hungry! Last night at Panera I had a giant salad, french onion soup, bread and still felt like I could eat another dinner. The baby is growing  a lot right now so I listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry. During the week I eat pretty healthy – tons of fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, eggs, quinoa, yogurt, almonds, salads. Weekends are a different story…froyo lunches and binge eating Thai food has been happening way too much lately!

Still lacking in this department. I do a lot of walking (1.3 miles each way) to and from work and it actually makes me pretty tired! I think I mentioned this before but the last time I worked out it made me feel sick so I’ve been avoiding. Now that it’s warming up and staying light out, I plan on going on more walks after work, nothing too extreme, ha!

Baby Movement?
He is like a little ninja in there! It’s so fun feeling him move around and he’s starting to do some big kicks! I might of felt hiccups the other day but I don’t know how to differentiate them from kicks.

Pretty good! Sometimes its hard to get comfortable but my Bump Nest pillow (highly recommend this!) helps a lot. Acid reflux has kept me up a couple times – I need to ditch the sriracha but it’s just too good! 

Missing anything?
Sushi, cocktails, and late night outings with friends. A group of us went bowling for my birthday last weekend then went out but could barley make it past midnight! I can definitely go out and have fun not drinking but it’s just not the same walking around the bar with a huge belly, haha!

We have a countdown on our chalk board and we are officially under the 100 day mark! It’s hard to believe I’m almost out of the second trimester. Time is flying!

Best moment this week?
Ordering nursery furniture! Still need to decide on bedding and a couple other things but it’s nice finally get the ball rolling. We can’t get some of the items until we get our new apartment – would hate to order too big of a rug or glider and not have it all fit. I also got my diaper bag! I wanted something that I could use after I’m done with it as diaper bag. It’s perfect for work and travel. This week I’ve also had some ‘baby brain’ moments. I unloaded dirty dishes from the dishwasher one day and last night I put my used fork in the fridge. Kyle called me into the kitchen both times to show me…we had a good laugh, lol!

Looking forward to?
Going to Des Moines to see my family next weekend! My aunt had her baby boy on February 20th and I’m so anxious to meet him! I haven’t seen most of my family since the holidays so they haven’t got to see my bump yet! And of course my next doc. appointment – love hearing his heart beat 🙂 

Pretty good! I don’t have much to complain about besides a little back pain. Kyle has been great about giving me back rubs (and foot!) which helps a lot. I feel like I’ve had a super easy pregnancy which I’m grateful for. Horomones caught up with me this week and I had a break-down the other night. I wasn’t even sure what I was crying about, but the tears were flowing. Sometimes you just need to get a good cry in 😉