First Month Favorites
I can’t believe Avery Reese is already one month old – it’s crazy how quickly time goes when you have a newborn. The nights may be long, but the weeks fly by! I feel like I am savoring my time with her each day a little more than I did when Sophia was a newborn, because now I know how quickly they grow up…it’s so cliche, but so true. Avery loves to cuddle, loves to be held, and loves to sleep (thank you, Jesus!). She is overall a really great baby, and she has slept long stretches at night since she was two weeks old…this NEVER happened with Sophia. I can’t be sure, but I want to say it’s because of THIS – probably my favorite item on today’s list. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the automatic rocker (not sure how I missed that!). If you are going to have a baby, please please please do yourself a favor and purchase this! It’s not expensive, it’s very portable – I move it throughout the house every day, and it works! Obviously all babies are different, but I’ve read countless reviews from parents telling how their babies sleep through the night in this from a very early age (which has been my experience as well). Avery is currently sleeping around 6-7 hour stretches most nights – crazy! She does get fussy sometimes around 3-4am, and some nights are little rougher than others, but overall it’s pretty great for her age. In the first couple of weeks, you obviously can’t let them sleep through feedings at night, but at her 2-week checkup, A’s pediatrician recommended feeding her at 9 or 10pm, and letting her go for the night, so we did and haven’t looked back! 
On to my favorites – I wanted to share the items that I have really loved this first month with her home. These are the items I would buy again in a heartbeat.  
How sweet is this personalized blanket? This would make such a great baby gift! 
Avery’s “one month” photo…and all the outtakes! Her dress is old from Gap (it was Sophia’s). 
Is there anything cuter than sweet baby hands? l-o-v-e

1. Aden + Anais Burp Cloths: These burp clothes are the BEST hands-down. They double as a bib (there is a little snap so you can snap it around your babe’s neck). Spit up completely ruins the necks of so many outfits, and using these bib burp clothes saves those outfits from stains. They are on the pricey side, but totally worth it! Plus, you can use them from birth until toddlerhood (my 2 year-old still uses them as a bib). 
2. Dr. Brown’s Bottles: I always heard great things about Dr. Brown’s, but didn’t buy them when Sophia was a baby – I used LifeFactory (which I really liked as well). I decided to try them out with Avery, and I am really loving them – I do believe they help with gas pains, so far, so good! They are dishwasher safe, I just bought this basket to wash everything in – super simple! 
3. ‘Grass’ Drying Rack: This drying rack is amazing – when I hand wash bottles, pacifiers, and pumping equipment, I place everything on this rack, and it dries perfectly and doesn’t take up too much counter space. The blades of grass prevent anything from tipping over (pet peeve when hand-washing!). 
4. Moses Basket: This moses basket is great – I have been using it all the time. It’s easy to move throughout the house, and now that the weather is finally warming it up, I’ve been taking it outside. The best part is the price – only $35!
5. Rock N’ Play: The holy grail! Be sure to spend a few extra bucks to get the auto rocker version, I’m regretting missing out on that because Avery loves to be rocked in it (it vibrates as well), so I have to manually rock it for her to fall asleep. 
6. Headband: Obviously you can see from my photos we love this headband (I have it in white)! It’s super stretchy, comfortable for her, and so cute! 
7. Security Blanket: My mom gave Avery two of these hot pink blankets – one large and one small. They are the softest blankets ever, and Avery loves to cuddle with the small one – she holds it while she sleeps – so cute! 
8. Paci: This may seem small, but I couldn’t remember which pacifiers were my favorite when I was shopping for Avery this time around (I threw all of Sophia’s away). I purchased multiple kinds that I was not impressed with, and the one from the hospital was hard for her to keep in her mouth. I randomly found one of Sophia’s old pacifiers, washed it, and gave it to Avery and it was so easy for her to keep in her mouth. These are definitely my favorite, and a great paci is super important! 😉 
9. Simple sleepers: It’s easy to get carried away with baby outfits (especially with a girl), but really in the first month (or three), sleepers are the best. They are comfortable for the babe, and easy for the parents. I love this one, and also all of Gap’s sleepers – she’s pretty much in these daily. Gap is always having great sales, making it one of my favorite stores for the littles. 

Any mamas have product suggestions for month two?! xx