We stay in our pajamas as long as possible on the weekends – so having something a little nicer to wear around the house is perfect. I will have to say, answering the door for the UPS guy in my boyshorts and oversized (paint-stained) tee was pretty horrifying, lol. Loungewear is the perfect gift because it’s not something you want to spend a ton of money on for yourself, but you really appreciate it when you’ve got it.  We popped into Nordstrom this week and found some of our favorites – they have so many different options, you can definitely find something for yourself, your mama, or even a girlfriend this Mother’s Day.
Although my little one isn’t here yet, this Mother’s Day is extra special knowing I’m going to be a momma in less then two months!
My hubs usually brings me coffee in bed on the weekends after he gets up with Sophia, so I’m hoping Mother’s Day will be no different – unless pancakes and bacon are involved ;). 
I love a classic pajama, and this pair is suuuuper comfortable – the fabric is so soft, and I love the stripe. 
I mentioned in my ‘First Month Favorites’ post that I love Nordstrom’s baby sleepwear, and couldn’t resist this sweet sleeper for Avery.
We tried to get Sophia + Avery together for a few shots, but Sophia ripped off her pajamas in 5 seconds flat, and wouldn’t sit still … #momlife. This is the best we could get, and I consider it a win. 

A few more of our favorites from Nordstrom:

Special thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!