33 Week Bumpdate

How far along?
33 weeks

Baby boy 🙂

Weight gain?
About 14 pounds
Maternity clothes?
Ohh yeah! My favorite leggings are this Spendid pair and these by Beyond Yoga. Both are so comfortable, I’ve been living in them! This Gap button down has also been a staple along with their basic tees and tanks (love the pure body ones). I can still squeeze into my jeans but maternity pants are much more comfortable. I love these Paige jeans and these stretch legging jeans from Gap.
Baby movement?
He is always moving! He wiggles around all morning and will take a snooze in the afternoon and is back in action after dinner. I love setting my phone on my tummy and watch it go back and fourth like a teeter totter. It’s so cool being able to see his foot or butt sticking out but can also be a little painful! I still can’t believe a little human is in there! Also feeling lots of hiccups…he gets them at least twice a day! Little guy must have some strong lungs!
 Besides waking up a million times to go to the bathroom, it’s good so far. I feel so unbalanced when I get up to go and have been running into walls and doors. Kyle and I always laugh about it in the am! It is getting a little harder to get comfortable but I’m so exhausted by bedtime that I usually fall asleep pretty easily. My dreams lately have been out of control…I wake up and am like WTF! Pregnancy dreams are cray-cray.
I haven’t been hardcore craving anything like I did in the first and second trimester but I once I eat something I want it over and over. We make chicken fajitas a lot and use the Cajun chicken from Mariano’s deli counter – O.M.G it’s so good. I’m not a big meat eater but I could eat this daily! I’ve also developed a sweet tooth lately…Ben and Jerry’s half baked, licorice, Oreos with milk…yummm!
A little back pain, a stuffy nose (I’ve had this the entire pregnancy), and starting to feel tired again. Other then that I’m thankful for an easy pregnancy. Oh and bloody gums!! I look like I got punched in the mouth after I brush my teeth!
Missing anything?
Ughhh yes! Sushi, cocktails, regular clothes, going up stairs without getting completely winded, and non-baby brain…it’s out of control! It’s little things like forgetting peoples names or certain words but lately I’ve been really bad. Yesterday I went to CVS to get batteries and left with Cheeze-It’s. I got home and searched everywhere for the batteries I thought I bought! The other night I walked into the bathroom and got frustrated I couldn’t find a glass for water then realized I wasn’t in the kitchen. Anyone else struggling with this?! 
Still just lots of walking. We love going on walks and exploring our new neighborhood. The baby is constantly pushing on my bladder which makes long walks a little hard. I signed up for a gym next to our apartment but I probably won’t activate the membership until postpartum. I did some arm exercises with 5 lb. dumbbells and my arms were on fire/felt like jello…lol! It’s safe to say I am completely out of shape, yikes! Getting back to my normal bod is definitely going to be a journey. I’ve been pinning (follow us!) healthy recipes, workout plans, and quotes for inspiration.
Best moment this week?
We moved into our apartment and have the nursery set up. It’s not completely finished but I love walking by the room and seeing all his stuff. Kyle tried storing the stroller in a closet but I made him leave it out…I may or may not push it around the apartment 😉 All the babies stuff had been sitting in boxes at our old apartment and now that it’s all out it definitely feels real. I’m still looking for crib sheets so if anyone has any recommendations, send them my way! And of course, hearing his heartbeat at the doctor is always the best moment of my week. I wish had my own doppler so I could listen all the time – it’s the sweetest sound 🙂
Looking forward to?
My family baby shower in Iowa this weekend! My shower is Saturday at our country club so the boys are going to do some golfing while the ladies brunch and celebrate the babe. On Sunday we are walking for my momma in the Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk (1 year cancer free!) – couldn’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day! Trips back home are always the best. This will also be Kyle’s first time in my hometown so I’m looking forward to showing him around. Not like there’s that much to do in Sioux City but it’s always fun seeing where your partner grew up!

On my mind?
I just can’t believe it’s almost here! I feel like I’ve been pregnant for-everrrrr and I’m sure the last few weeks drag even more. I feel really relaxed and calm (for now) and just trying to enjoy my time with Kyle before we become a family of three. I always think about what he’s going to look like…Kyle was the cutest baby so I’m hoping he looks identical to his daddy 🙂