Easy Ways to Refresh Your Look
Stuck in a beauty rut? I know I am. I don’t know if it’s because it’s my last few weeks of pregnancy but I am just feeling BLAH! Same old topknot, lipstick, blush…the list goes on. I rounded up a few (and affordable!) ways to refresh your look. I’m going to try and check all of these off the list!

Switch your part

In high school and college, I would change my part all the time and it never failed – someone always asked me if I did something different! The simple switch adds volume and can really change your facial features. It may take a couple washes and blow dries to get it to stay!
If you haven’t jumped on the brow-obsessed bandwagon, now is the time! This is something I needed serious help with so I popped in Nordstrom so the beauty experts could show me how it’s done. I fill mine in with a powder but there are other options like gels and pencils. I’ve heard great things about the Anastasia Beverly Hills products. In fact, I really want to add the highlighting pencil to my makeup bag!
Swap your signature mani
I keep the same colors on rotate (hello neutrals!) and rarely ever change the shape – I did go through a Khloe Kardashian phase and grew my nails out creepishly long but daily tasks like typing were too hard…I don’t know how she does it! Loving this simple stripe and this pastel mani. Also, nail art is huge right now and an easy way to polish your look – pun intended!
Make a mask with things in your kitchen
Head into your kitchen and mix up something for your face or hair! You can make different ones to exfoliate, tighten, fight acne – whatever you want! Pinterest is the best place to find recipes for this (duh!). This 3 ingredient face scrub sounds amazing and effective. All you need is oatmeal, honey and coconut oil, definitely going to try this! I’ve tried this DIY hair mask which made my hair silky smooth. It was a little weird smearing eggs in my hair but the end results were worth it!

Change your foundation
It’s easy to fall in a rut with tried and true products you keep purchasing over and over again. There are so many finishes to chose from (matte, powder, liquid) from 100’s of brands which is overwhelming so easy to find one that works and stick with it. I use Laura Mercier smooth finish foundation and LOVE how it makes my skin look/feel. However, I really want to try contouring so I’m planning on heading to Nordstrom to get some help with that. I will do a follow-up post once I learn!

Try a bold lipstick
Using a bold red, pink or coral can instantly update your look and add a little glamour to your daily beauty routine. I stopped at the MAC counter and picked up Saigon Summer (coralish/orange) and Lady Danger (a crowd favorite) to switch it up from the usual nude. The drugstore is a great place to find affordable new colors to play around with. If you want some guidance, here’s a list of Haper’s Bazaar’s 10 best drugstore lipsticks.

Whiten your teeth
I don’t like to shell out $50-$100 for teeth whitening kits that 99% of the time hurt my sensitive teeth. You can use baking soda and fresh squeeze lemon juice for an easy (and free!) at home whitener. Has anyone tried this?

What do you do to refresh your look?