Meet Jasmin, Our First Contributor
Jasmin is a bi-costal fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer with a penchant for event planning and DIYs. You can usually catch her scouring the web for the latest trends or hunting the streets for her next favorite coffee shop. Jasmin has contributed to Lucky Magazine, Brit + Co, and Teen Vogue.
Current location: Los Angeles, CA

3 words to describe me: Quirky, go-getter, optimistic

3 words to describe my style: Laid-back, polished, seventies

I cannot leave the house without: My keys and cell phone (worst is when you leave both at the same time!)

On a typical Saturday night, you can usually find me: Binge watching Law & Order SVU and Friends reruns.

My biggest pet peeve is: Passive aggressive and fake people

I have a weakness for: Cute coffee shops. ($5 for a coffee? *Swipes debit card)

The food I crave most is: Dessert

My best stress reliever: A nap, hot yoga, or a run

My celebrity crush is: Josh Hartnett – aka Trip Fontaine

My hidden talent is: I know EVERY line from Titanic

I’m passionate about: Being kind to others

My style go-to is: A striped tee, high-waist jeans, suede booties, and a red lip

When I want to feel sexy I put on: Red lipstick

The most important lesson I’ve learned about love is: The most important person to love is yourself

Currently on my iPod: Louisa Wendorff

My weirdest phobia is: Choking when I’m home alone

First thing I do when I wake up: Check my phone for the time (and then go back to sleep)

My guilty pleasure is: Shopping…duh.

Something people have wrong about me: So many things, but that’s okay.

In 5 years, I see myself: Being married to Josh Hartnett #InMyDreams