Weekend In Photos
Good morning, ladies! I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day Weekend – cheers to all the amazing baby mamas! <3 Ours was pretty low-key, Sophia had the flu (for the first time in her life, talk about timing) so we had lots of cuddle time – which I secretly loved since she’s normally not big on cuddling, and we still managed to sneak away for a few mini celebrations. 
dirty martinis + rosé
 NYC was so hot this weekend, we had to grab some iced lattés on our walk around Greenwich Village. We found the cutest street lined with townhomes (and no traffic), I felt like we were in Europe. 
 Picked up one of my all-time favorite NARS lipsticks – the perfect pinky/nude! 
One of my husbands greatest strengths is his ability to pick out gifts (just kidding, but seriously he’s great), but I’m actually going to be returning this bag since it looks really similar to another one I have. 
My poor baby (and hubby) – Sophia insisted on walking, and then proceeded to cry, “carrrryyyyy meeeeeeeeeee” the whole time. Her pediatrician is downtown…I love her so much, but need to switch to someone a bit closer to home ;). 
I’ve been trying to eat healthy the past two weeks, and have been giving myself one (two this weekend) cheat meals/week. Truffle fries are probably the best option when it comes to cheating!  
We stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some food to grill last night, but ended up eating cherries for dinner. We were planning to make beer can chicken, but when I opened the chicken…it was r-o-t-t-e-n. OMG…most disgusting smell ever! It was 3 days past the “sell by” date (my hubs just assumed it was fresh since it was in the cooler, I probably would have too), and I can’t believe Whole Foods wouldn’t do a better job at checking their meat. Such a let down. I called this morning to see if I could get a new chicken, and they said I have to bring the receipt AND the tag from the chicken in, so I spent the morning digging through the trash to pull out the chicken wrapper…which smelled even worse today. Needless to say, Mother’s Day is over!