38 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 38 weeks (tomorrow)

Gender: Boy :)

Total weight gain: About 22 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yes and I want to be done with them!! Most of my maternity clothes are from winter and I don’t want to buy anymore summer pieces since I only have a couple weeks left. I’m still mixing in non-maternity pieces but now I’m getting worried they’re going to get stretched out – this belly is growin! I have been living in my Nike roshe’s (like errrryday!) and Kyle surprised me with a second pair yesterday! Brooke lived in these her last few weeks of pregnancy too. They are so, so comfortable!

Baby movement: Like crazayyyy! You may have seen some of my Snapchat videos (@somewherelately) of him rolling around in there! The other day the Starbucks barista pointed down at my stomach and said “WOAH! That baby is really moving!!” It seriously looks like a boxing match is going on in there! While it’s fun to watch him wiggle, the pokes and jabs in my ribs is starting to hurt. It still amazes a real baby is in there!

Sleep: I am sooooo tired! Falling asleep isn’t a problem but staying asleep is! If I’m not getting up to go to the bathroom, I’m waking up from my back being on fire. I sleep with a heating pad which helps with the pain but I can really only sleep sitting propped up. Once I roll over I wake up from the back pain. I guess I should get used to the whole no sleep thing!

Cravings: For some reason turkey sandwiches have really been hitting the spot. Potbelly is my go-to since they toast theirs. Other then that lots of fruit to quench my thirst!

Symptoms: Heartburn, cramps, and that painful/burning feeling from the baby sitting on my bladder…sexy, I know.

Missing anything: I feel like I say the same things every time…sushi, cocktails, clothes, being able to breathe, tying my own shoes! I want to buy summer clothes but I have this feeling I’m going to be in yoga pants the first month of postpartum! I got some really cute joggers from Zara and ordered this and this from Forever21 last night. Lots of comfy tanks are in my near future!

Exercise: Lots of long walks! I want this baby out and walks are supposed to help speed things up! I always tell Kyle I’m going to meet him at the gym, butttt that just hasn’t happened. I really am going to meet him there tonight though ;)

Body changes: The line on my stomach has got really dark these last couple weeks and my belly button popped out a little. I have an “inbetweeny” belly button so I wasn’t sure if it was going to pop or not! It’s also crazy how soft the skin is, it really feels like butter! I make all my friends feel it! And my boobs – I seriously think they get larger by the day!

Mood: So emotional – everything makes me tear up! Episodes of Friends make me cry, music, seeing old people hold hands…hormones are crazzy! I also feel like I’ve been complaining to Kyle (sorry!) a lot lately about being uncomfortable, weight gain, getting punched in the ribs, being exhausted…the list goes on. I’m sure he’s sick of hearing it – I’m sick of hearing myself complain!

Best moment: We had an ultrasound at my 37 week checkup…it’s always so fun seeing him (and surreal)! We also got the cutest package from The Honest Company and it was stocked with goodies like diapers, wipes, sunscreen, baby powder, rash cream and lots more! I ended up reading Jessica Alba’s whole book in one sitting and it really made me want to change my ways of eating. We don’t eat a lot of processed food but we never buy organic (until recent!) fruits, veggie’s or meat..it’s just so expensive! Some things we started buying organic are eggs, milk, apples, berries, peppers, chicken and ground turkey. There’s a list of foods you should always try to buy organic (the dirty dozen) and a list of items that aren’t high on the priority list like avocado, banana, grapefruit, etc. Anyway, I don’t plan on going all out with this but the book really opened my eyes!

Looking forward to: My next appointment to see if I’ve dilated anymore! I’m also getting a prenatal massage next week…I can’t wait! #treatyoself

On my mind: I’m so excited to meet him but I’m starting also starting to feel really anxious about a couple things. First, I know our bodies are made for labor and I will be in good hands but I am so nervous! I don’t deal well with pain and I am SO scared I’m going to faint. Is this a normal fear? I had the L&D talk with my doctor and got really lightheaded (started seeing spots!) and started sweating bullets. She laid me down and got me water and watermelon – how embarrassing! Hoping I perform a little better once the real thing is here. Second, I feel like I’m starting a new life (I guess I pretty much am!). I just hope I can still manage to find time to have date nights with Kyle, see my friends, and get “me” time. It feels selfish to worry about this stuff! Third, I’m scared for the aftermath of delivery! I know everyone’s body is different but I’ve read some real horror stories on Babycenter. Bleeding, leaking, jumbo maxi pads, stiches, raw nipples…eeek! The thought of all this makes me queezy. Please tell me it’s not as bad as it sounds!