Month Two Favorites
Two months have come (and almost gone!), and can’t believe how quickly time is moving. Avery is almost three months old, and we are slowly finding our routine and getting back to normal life and out of the newborn fog. She’s really a pretty good baby – she went through a super fussy phase around 8 weeks, but thankfully that has passed. However, she is waking up SO much in the night – she only eats one time/night, but she is fussing a LOT because she spits out her pacifier. I don’t remember having this issue with Sophia – does anyone have any advice for me? Should I just get rid of the pacifier (kind of dreading that!!)? Here are the items we’ve both been loving this month…
1. Young Living Essential Oil – I had been really interested in essential oils for a long time, but hadn’t tried them until recently. I get a ton of headaches, and I swear after rolling on “Deep Relief,” I had instant relief. I’m definitely going to be purchasing more essential oils (I also received one for Avery – they are great for babies!), and can’t wait to reap the benefits! Young Living has a “seed to seal” process – which guarantees the purity of their oils (a lot of essential oil companies buy their oils from other sources). I received my oils from Ashley – be sure to visit her site for more!   
2. Security Blanket – Avery is always swaddled when she sleeps at night (see no. 6), but during the day when she is sleeping or hanging out in her swing, she loves to hang on to this little security blanket. There are tons of options to choose from, and these are perfect for traveling – they are super light-weight, easy to pack, and easy to wash. 
3. Nuna IVVI stroller – still loving this stroller, and use it every day. The basket is HUGE (key!), and the built-in sun shades are so necessary and genius. You do have to disconnect the seat or carseat to fold it up, but it’s super easy to fold, and stands up on it’s own which is great for storage! 
4. Summer Rompers – When we went to Miami, I put Avery in a sweet little romper every day. They are perfect for hot + humid summer days, and they are SO freaking cute. I love the bubble rompers, and picked up this one at Nordstrom last week. Can’t wait for her to wear it this summer! Old Navy has some really cute ones as well for a great price – I’ve been finding a lot for my girls there lately! 
5. Fisher-Price Swing – These things are not pretty (or small), but they are the best swings on the market, I swear! This one isn’t so hideous with the color combo, and Avery loves it, so it’s a win in my book! 
6. Woombie – I swore by the Woombie with Sophia, so had to purchase a few for Avery as well. Babies love to be swaddled, and this takes out the actual work of swaddling. They can’t break out of it in their sleep (which wakes them up), and it has a 2 way zipper, so middle of the night diaper changes are much easier! 
7. Aquaphor – I love Aquaphor for Avery and for me! It is great for dry skin (her skin is pretty dry on her face, and this heals it overnight), chapped lips, and diaper rash/redness. It really is the best healing ointment out there! It’s great for mama’s (or anyone’s) skin after a long flight – my skin gets so dry on airplanes, and this brings it back to life. It also helps heal blemishes faster (my skin has been so crazy lately – hormones + new medication). 
8. Baby Shusher – Okay, I looooooove this thing. The only downside is that it only stays on for 30 minutes (which is normally fine), but when we are out running errands or traveling, it would be great to just be able to turn it on and keep it on until you turn it off. However, it’s the best thing ever – it calms Avery down so quickly, it’s small and portable, and I hang it on her swing every single day. LOVE. 
Don’t forget, we are giving away a $250 gift card to Briar Handmade (cutest modern bonnets!) on Instagram. Be sure to visit our page to enter – winner will be announced tomorrow! Still loving this moses basket from my ‘First Month Favorites!’