My Birth Story + First Week Home
Happy Monday! I actually had to look at the calendar to see what day it is – they’re all starting to run together! Our first week with the baby has been amazing. We’re getting little sleep, changing lots of diapers and I’ve worn the same outfit 5 days in a row – but loving every minute of it. Both our families are here and have been a HUGE help! Everyone fights over who gets to hold him 🙂
 I woke up last Monday at 4:30am to go to the bathroom and when I got back in bed I heard my stomach make a weird popping noise and sure enough it was my water breaking! I woke Kyle up and told him it was happening so we grabbed our bags and called an Uber – lol! The driver said it was her first time driving someone in labor! Of course the GPS took us the down the wrong one-way and we had to circle around to find the main hospital doors…not okay when you’re having painful contractions! Once we checked into triage I was 3cm dilated which was around 5:30am. Contractions were extremelyyyy painful but I got an epidural right when I got into labor and delivery. They checked me again around 9:30 and I was already 9.5cm dilated! I was trying to hold off pushing – I was scared to start and my mom was on her way but the baby wanted out. We started around 12:15, I pushed for 15 minutes and he was here! It was the easiest delivery and nothing how I expected. Prentice was great – we had an amazing view of Lake Michigan and loved the doctors and nurses. So glad I delivered there!
Breast feeding has been a huge struggle. He has only latched on once and FREAKS out whenever I try to feed. I was getting super frustrated (and so was he) so we had a lactation nurse came out and it turns out he’s tongue tied! This is actually pretty common so I’m not sure why they didn’t check at the hospital. He has to get his tongue snipped this week 🙁 and hopefully that will do the trick. Right now I’m pumping and giving him bottles.
time to head home – mommy and daddy look sleepy 😉

kyle surprised me with a push present and did not disappoint! 

drunk on milk!
 we went to a street festival on saturday and he slept the whole time!
 baby toes are the sweetest 🙂
first sponge bath – he wasn’t so sure about it
he loves to snooze and cuddle with his blankies!

Okay, time to go catch up on some sleep! xx