Pinning, Lately
Just a few things we’ve been pinning, lately…follow along with our pins here
On the verge of chopping my hair…I have never gone back and forth so much about a haircut than I have lately, but I think I’m ready for a change! 
Obsessing with pretty kitchens lately. When we moved into our house last summer, we planned to knock out all renovations right away, but I put it off since I was newly pregnant. Now, I’m dreading a kitchen renovation with an infant & a toddler, and continue to put it off. Our contractor gave us an estimate of 1.5-2 months, and I’ve always been told to double the timeframe they initially give you – UHG. I’m really tired of our oh-so-90s kitchen, but I just don’t know how I would deal with hammering, sanding, and pounding all hours of the day with 2 littles…has anyone lived through a reno? 
Tons of fitspo obviously going up on our page – operation #bodyafterbaby! 
I’ve been loving striped button down shirts lately – love this inspo! I just added this one to my cart (I’ve heard it’s the best and it’s currently 30% off)!
How amazing do these look? Mouthwatering and perfect for dining al fresco this summer!
I’m so obsessed with these sunnies – my best friend recently laughed me out of buying them (LOL), but I told her I’m definitely going to cave and go for it. I love them!