Transitioning from LA to NY
Moving to a new city can be one of the most challenging and rewarding choices you can take in life. Not only do you learn a lot about yourself and your abilities, but it gives you the opportunity to discover new and exciting things. Our contributing writer, Jasmin just made the big leap from sunny LA to NYC and can attest to this. Not only is she facing the task of mastering the subway system and walking everywhere (which is crazy for a native Californian), but she’s also learning very quickly that unlike La La and where the weather is a fair 75 degrees most of the year, NY weather is a bit tricky. Here, she’s outlining some tips on how to efficiently pack for a move to NYC. Plus, some pieces she’s adding to her wardrobe ASAP!
1. Have a Chic Umbrella On Hand: NYC weather changes rapidly, and nothing is worse then getting caught in the rain wearing your new suede jacket. Check the weather before you head out for the day and pack up your equally stylish umbrella. It rarely rains in LA (and when it does we’re usually safe and dry in our cars), so it’s best to always be prepared.
2. Your Leather Jacket is Your Best Friend: A good quality leather jacket can see you through most occasions. Keep one (or a few) handy in your closet for everything from late night bar crawls to running errands, and beyond. While a leather jacket is also a staple in LA, the warm weather usually allows you to go jacket-free.
3. Classic Ankle Boots: Good shoes take you good places (we live by that saying), especially in NYC where you walk an infinite amount of blocks daily. While we’d love to channel our inner Carrie Bradshaw’s everyday and wear 5 inch Manolo Blahnik’s, sometimes all a girl needs is a comfortable pair (but chic) ankle boots.
4. Hands-Free Purse: The bigger the bag, the more unnecessary things you’ll find to fill it with. It’s a lesson we’ve learned the hard way. Take note of everything you will actually need (phone, lipstick, wallet…) and leave the rest behind. A medium sized cross body bag or mini backpack is all you really need to get around the city. Remember, you don’t have a car to toss all your extra belongings in!
5. Black Essentials: There’s a reason why black is considered an NY girl’s go-to color: It’s the most versatile, chic, and easiest color to pull off last minute. In this city everyone is constantly in a mad dash (including us), so finding classic pieces that can be thrown together last minute is a must. From experience, Angelenos have a little more time in their day to get dressed (unless you work across the city, everything in LA takes 20 minutes), and a little more freedom in terms of what to wear. If it gets too cold you can grab your jacket from your car, or if you have an after work event you usually have time to run home and change quickly. Being late is usually excusable with “but I was stuck in traffic”. For LA to NY-ers think a sleek blazer, fitted trousers, and signature pumps as your new staples.
Have you moved to a new city recently? Are there any changes you’ve made to your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments!

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