The Easiest & Cheapest Way To Prevent Shoeicide (aka shoes that kill your feet)
It happens to the best of us—you spot a pair of killer heels and give up SoulCycle and pricey juices for a couple weeks to save up enough to finally buy them, only to find that they give you the gnarliest blisters known to womankind. The struggle is real. Here’s a little secret…more expensive does not = more comfortable! If you’ve never experiences the woes of too tight shoes, then please don’t ever speak to us again. But, for the rest of unlucky shoe addicts, this is a major bummer and pain—literally. No matter how fabulous a shoe is, if it rubs your feet causing blisters then they’re just not worth it. So, we’re here to help! Here’s a super easy (and cheap!) way to make sure your never get caught wearing uncomfortable heels again…
Keep petroleum jelly, baby powder, and clear deodorant in your medicine cabinet always! That’s it! All three minimize friction in areas prone to blisters. Dab a little petroleum jelly or deodorant where you mostly get blisters (ankles and pinky toes for us) and keep some handy to reapply during the day. If your shoes are a tad big and your foot happens to slide around causing painful friction, sprinkle some baby powder to keep your feet sweat-free (which contributes to the sliding). We also have a few bandaids on hand every time we wear a new pair of shoes – just in case! 

Current favorite killer heels (that won’t kill your feet):