Happy Friday babes, hope you all had a great week! We’re back with our new Friday regular #coffeetalk…here we go!

1. What do you both do for work?
We both recently left the career world to stay home with our babes and work on the blog!

2. How do you manage blogging, family and a social life?
Blogging is definitely the best job we could have while we’re home with our littles, but it’s a lot of work (a lot more than most people realize), so time management is tricky. We have to schedule time to work on the blog and all social aspects of it so we don’t take away from time with our families. Our social lives are much more slim these days, and we actually have to schedule dinners/drinks with friends about a week in advance. No more random happy hours or brunches here!

3. Both of you have mentioned you tried La Mer last year – what made you want to try it & what are your thoughts? 
Brooke: I had wanted to try La Mer for years, and finally took the plunge last year. I have to be totally honest – I was expecting a miracle for the price, and was not that impressed. Everyone’s skin is different – what works for me may not work for you, and vise versa. It has so many great reviews, so I was bummed when I didn’t agree (especially after I paid for it, LOL).
Meggan: The lady at the counter really sold me on it so I decided to try it and thought I loved it at first but realized I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Maybe I was expecting too much? I was also getting 20% off at the time so that made it a little easier to pull the trigger 😉
4. What apps/filters do you use for your Instagram account?
Keeping an instagram feed consistent is important, but difficult (especially with multiple posters), so we stick to using the VSCOCAM app for our insta – we use filters from the app, and do not add any of Instagram’s presets to them. Our favorite filters include: F2, A8, A9
5. Brooke – Where are your chairs (in the photo below) from? 
These chairs are from Restoration Hardware. We’ve had them for about a year now, and I still love them as much as the day they were delivered. They are huuuuge and so comfortable!