My Engagement 9.4.15
Kyle had told me he wanted to bring me somewhere to do a blog shoot before we went to dinner on Friday night in Dallas. His mom offered to watch the baby so we could have a long-overdue date night! I asked him why he was wearing such a nice outfit to do a blog shoot (it was SOO hot out!) and he claimed we were going straight to dinner after. I kept telling him that I would have to pump before dinner so he would have plenty of time to change after the blog shoot – lol he was probably thinking just shut up!! We walked around the Arboretum for awhile and stopped to take pics. He snapped a couple then told me that something was missing. He reached in his back pocket, pulled out the ring and was down on one knee. I immediately started bawling and I think I asked if this was “real life” like 10 times. His sister and her fiance were hiding and took pictures of the whole thing! It was simple and perfect.
We went back to his parents and celebrated with champagne and I found out we were staying at  Hotel Joule downtown for the night (our suite was amazzzing!). We went to dinner at Fearing’s, drank WAY too much champagne (3 bottles to be exact, talk about a hangover, oyy!) and had a fun night celebrating together. I was completely thrown off guard – we had talked about getting engaged next spring or summer so I had no clue this was coming. Between making me a momma and asking me to spend the rest of my life with him, it’s safe to say 2015 has been the best year of my life. It’s definitely crazy looking down and seeing a ring on my finger! We are planning a destination wedding so if anyone has any tips or suggestions, I would love to hear them!