(Three) Thoughts for Thursday
1. I really need a pair of waterproof boots for fall/winter. Every year, I wait too long to buy winter boots, then they all end up being sold out. NYC is notorious for dirty snow (obviously) and TONS of salt, so I’ve ruined my fair share of leather and suede boots. I’m determined not to let that happen this year. I’m thinking about buying a pair of Hunters, but am looking at other options as well. I wish they were lined like Uggs, but at least they won’t get ruined, and my feet will stay dry. How do Hunters run? I had a pair a long time ago, but totally forgot…I’m a true 8 in boots, do I order an 8 in Hunters as well? Also…has anyone tried the original vs. the packable version? The ‘tour’ packable is supposed to be much lighter than the originals which would be nice…let me know! Speaking of winter…I just got this coat, and am really excited about it. I loved my green Canada Goose so much (I sold it), but really wanted black this year. 
2. Meggan and I are both really sad to be missing out on NYFW this season. It was hard to RSVP ‘no’ to everything (especially since I live here), but we’ve both just got way too much going on, and last years’ schedule was so hectic, I just knew there was no way I’d be able to do it all. Sophia started preschool this week (so crazy), we are going to the US Open again, and we’ve got a few end of summer parties this weekend that we couldn’t miss.We are excited to follow along with our favorites on insta & snapchat, though. Have fun if you’re headed to NY (or already here)! Can’t wait to see your pics! 
3. I’m obsessed with mustard for fall. I’ve been seeing it everywhere, and I can’t wait to load up on the mustard. #extramustardplease 
These two mustard pieces are currently in my shopping cart…