1. I saw on Snapchat that you both use Shiseido eye cream, do you like it? Do you think it helps with dark circles or just moisturizing/wrinkle repair?

Brooke: I’ve only been using this eye cream for a week, and so far I really like it, but would need a bit more time to give a full review. I’m not sure if it works for dark circles, BUT I just purchased this color correcting serum for mine, and I really like it so far. It’s not an eye cream that helps to improve dark circles, but a product that helps to color correct.
Meggan: I’ve been using it for almost a year now and really like it! It’s an amazing moisturizer and it diminishes fine lines but doesn’t help with dark circles. I will say my eyes do look brighter from using it though. This is the anti-dark circle product. I’m still looking for a eye product that does it all – wrinkles, moisturize, and dark circles. If anyone knows something that works, please let us know!
2. I need a good fuzzy robe for winter, and saw a cute one you posted on Snapchat – where is that from?
We both have Barefoot Dreams robes, and saying we’re obsessed is an understatement. They are seriously the softest, most comfortable robes ever created – they also make loungewear and blankets and we’re lusting after this one! They are a little bit pricier than other robes, but we promise they are worth the $$$! Put it on your Christmas list ;). 
3. How many kids do you each want? 
Brooke: I think 3. I definitely don’t feel like I’m “done” with two, and would love to have another one…at least! 😉
Meggan: I want 3 and Kyle wants 4…so we will see! If we have another colicky baby we may be stopping there!

4. How do you girls keep your makeup organized?
Brooke: I use this GLAMbox to keep all of my makeup organized, but before I got it, my makeup was such a mess thrown in a makeup bag…it makes my life so much easier! They sell many different sizes – the one I have is pretty big and takes up a lot of counter space, so I’d recommend a smaller one if you don’t have tons of makeup or don’t have a lot of space.
Meggan: Unfortunately, mine is a huge mess. I have limited drawer and countertop space so my stuff is everywhere. #smallapartmentliving Lots of good ideas here!
5. Any tips for packing a hospital bag?
Pack it a few weeks before your due date so you aren’t scrambling around when the time comes…it’s the last thing you will want to think about! For yourself pack: socks, toiletries, comfortable going home outfit, nightgown, nursing bra, makeup, phone charger, camera. Also bring something that will help you relax…music, pillow/blanket, lavender oil, etc. For the baby pack: hat, onsies, swaddle blanket, carseat – they don’t need much and the hospital provides a lot of essentials! Also don’t forget your ID, insurance card, and any hospital paperwork you need.

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