1. How did you meet your husband/fiance?

Brooke: I met my husband in Miami. He was living there part time (in the same hotel I was having a girls weekend at) for work, but we both lived in Chicago at the time we met. We started talking, hit it off, had so many things in common (mutual friends, and even dogs with the same name – Kingston?!), and that was that! We went on our first date the following weekend in Chicago, and have been together since.
Meggan: We knew each other in college through mutual friends but never talked much. Last year he put on Facebook that he was moving to Chicago (he lived in San Diego for 4 years after he graduated) and I decided to message him to see if he needed any recommendations around the city – I was creepin ;) We exchanged numbers and ended up texting all day everyday (literally 17 hours a day) until he moved here and the rest is history! We always laugh thinking we can’t believe we’re together and have a kid…would not have guessed that years ago when we were taking shots together in college!

2. Where are the palm tree athletic pants from you posted on Snapchat? 

They are from Carbon38 – linked here. So much cute stuff to hit the gym in on this website!

3. Meggan, where is your new Céline bag from?
I ended up buying it from used from Fashionphile. It’s actually going to be my diaper bag so I didn’t want to buy brand new for obvious reasons! I would definitely recommend ordering from them – the bags are 100% authentic, great customer service (I requested additional photos of the bag) and fast delivery!

4. Do you ladies have tips for saving $$ on bags?
Brooke: There are so many great, reputable pre-owned sites that we’ve recommended in the past: Trendlee, Fashionphile, and Portero are our top 3. I will admit, bags are the one place I splurge, and while I’ve never purchased from a pre-owned site, it’s a great way to save a little bit of cash on a designer bag. I would avoid Ebay because you never know – something may look great in the photos, but it could be a fake – it happened to me in college. After my purchase, the seller disappeared. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Another tip I have is related to saving up for a bag – put a little bit away each month (as much as you can without noticing it’s gone), and before long, you’ll have enough for the bag you’ve been dreaming of – it’s a much better route than putting it on a credit card!
Meggan: I agree with Brooke that putting money aside each month is the best way to go. DO NOT open a credit card. I opened a Nordstrom CC years ago to buy a designer handbag and the interest on it killed me. I put money aside all spring and summer to buy a couple new bags which took awhile but was worth it in the end!

5. What are 3 key pieces to invest in for fall? 
Meggan: Booties (love these), leather jacket, and a cozy scarf.
Brooke: A classic coat (if you invest in a nice one, it will last you for years to come), flared denim, and boots (25% off with code: THANKYOU).

6. Brooke, what color highlights do you have? Do you do a full head or partial?
I’m not sure of the exact color that was used on my hair – I just showed the stylist photos of what I wanted, and explained what I didn’t want – brassy or orange tones. I did a full head of balayage highlights (where they are “painted on”) – I do not like when my highlights are near the roots, so I made sure to tell her that as well!

7. Where are the highlight/contour sticks you posted on Snapchat from from? What shades did you buy?
Meggan: These are the highlight/contour sticks I purchased (actually concealer), and I got shades
 1.0 (highlight) and 8.5 (contour).
Brooke: side note – I have this highlight/contour kit and I love it!
We don’t have a tutorial to show you, but this is a great one!

8. What color is the blush you posted on Snapchat?
This blush is seriously amazing for fall, and the color is “Gingerly.” It’s much more pigmented in person than it looks online, but the color is beautiful for all skin tones!