1. Meggan – what color is that lip pencil you posted on Snapchat (user name is somewherelately)? 

First of all let me say this lip pencil is the best! It feels like chapstick but looks like lipstick – you feel what I’m saying?! The color I posted on Snapchat is “Innocent” which is great for everyday. I definitely want a few more colors!

2. What kind of strollers do you each have, and do you like them?
Brooke: I have the nuna IVVI, and I love it. It didn’t come with an organizer, so I recently purchased this one and would highly recommend it.
Meggan: I have the nuna MIXX, and I love it as well! Not only is it sleek and stylish but it’s very functional and easy to use.

3. What are your daily hair care routines? Will you make any tutorials? 
Brooke: I wash my hair every other day, or every 3 days depending on the week/how my hair is behaving. I previously mentioned that I was using cheap shampoo and it made my hair feel so waxy and gross, so recently switched to Biolage Color Care shampoo and conditioner and love it. I try to let it air dry most days, but end up using the blowdryer if we are going out. I use oil and this sea salt spray (perfect for beachy waves) for products and top it off with some hairspray.
Meggan: My hair is really thick and curly (that’s why my topknot works so well) so I only wash it 2-3 times a week. I use this styling lotion before blowdrying for heat protection. For second day hair I use dry shampoo (I also like Dove, you can pick it up at any drugstore) and invisible oil and try to avoid the curling iron. I also love surf spray to add some texture!
We are currently working on a few hair tutorials for you, and so sorry it’s taken so long…we’re not tech-savvy when it comes to videos! ;)

4. Meggan – where did you purchase your marble phone case?
Society6, I could browse this site for hours but my exact case is here!

5. How do you keep track of your ‘wishlist’ items/items you want to buy? Any tips on organizing these lists?
Brooke: One of three ways: I either pin them to our “wishlist” board, or take a screenshot on my phone AND mark that photo as one of my “favorites.” It’s easy for photos to get lost in the camera roll, but if you mark your favorites, you can simply go to your favorites folder for easier organization. The third thing I do is add the item to our SHOP page on our blog – we recently updated it with our wishlist items – everything is UNDER $100!
Meggan: I’m a huge online shopper, so I have a folder on my bookmark bar called “to buy” and save everything to it. I’m also a little old school and have a notebook I write everything in. I keep an ongoing list of things I want (i.e suede jacket, brown booties) and cross them off as I get them.

6. Meggan – any tips for pumping?
I was pumping every 3 hours for 15-20 minutes until a couple weeks ago. Now that he’s three months I spread it out and only do it 4 times a day (about every 5 hours) which is SO nice. I supplement with some formula but he mostly gets breast milk. If you are breastfeeding and want to pump so your partner can do some bottles to give you a break, start pumping for 5 minutes or so after feedings. Some ways to keep your supply up: drink lots of water (I have bottles of water sitting next to my pump), mothers milk, avoid tight sport bras, take fenugreek and eat a lot! This hands free bra is also a game changer! It’s a real labor of love :)