Morning Maddness

Good morning! We’ve received a lot of questions about how we schedule our days lately, so we thought we’d share a little peek into our mornings for you. We have each been using Comfort Cup® by Chinet® for a while actually, so when they approached us to share that with our readers, it was a no brainer. We are both extremely busy – especially in the mornings, and these cups are perfect for our ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle.
Sophia just started school last month, and it has proven to be a challenge getting everyone up, ready, and out the door on time. I certainly don’t get to sit down with my cup of coffee anymore, so I have stopped using an actual mug on school days, and started making my lattés right in a Comfort Cup.
Waiting for little miss to grab her backpack for all that preschool homework ;). PS – I’m normally that mom who wears my workout pants for school drop off, but had a few meetings and errands to run while she was at school. Typically, after dropping Sophia off I head to the gym so I can get my workout done in the morning – if I put it off, it’s less likely to happen. 
After meetings and errands (aka never-ending Target and grocery store runs) it’s already time to pick up Sophia from school…I swear, preschool could be a liiiiiiiitttllle longer and I’d be a lot more productive. 😉 The good news is, my coffee stays warm all morning which is a win in my book! 
Mornings are my favorite part of the day. It’s when I feel most productive and energized, which is surprising since Camden still isn’t completely sleeping through the night. I’m sure you guys can tell from our Instagram and Snapchat, but coffee is a MUST to get the day started. Comfort Cups are perfect for heading out the door because they are made with triple-layer insulation to keep your drinks warm – your hands also stay cool so you don’t need a coffee sleeve. That makes one less thing to worry about when you have your hands full!

First things first, I answer outstanding emails and do some blog work then it’s off to the gym. Working out in the AM helps me stay on track and eat healthy (for the most part!) all day. Then I come home so I can get things done around the house and Cam takes a long snooze. Once he’s up, we head out the door (with another Comfort Cup in hand of course) for to run errands and go on a long walk around the city. I’m trying to get as many walks in before the weather gets too cold – which could be any day…you never know with Chicago!

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