Favorite skinny jeans under $100?
Brooke: You’ve seen me wearing these recently, and I love them – they are true to size. This pair is a good non-distressed option as well – tons of great reviews!
Meggan: I love BLANKNYC. I have this pair (runs TTS) and I’ve been eyeing these – so cute!

Any tips for keeping the romance alive while caring for a newborn?

Brooke: I think date night is essential – even if you don’t have kids yet! After you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you tend to fall into a routine (this is especially true after you have a baby). Gotta be honest…some days my husband probably comes home from work thinking, “WTF happened to you?!” lol. I’m wearing my sweats, no makeup, and unwashed hair…but sometimes that’s just the reality of the day. That is, however, why I think at least one date night/week is necessary – it takes you back to that feeling you had when you were dating. ALSO, it’s good for us mamas to get dressed up, get out, and feel like a person other than “MOMMY” for a bit…and sip a cocktail (or two).
Meggan: I agree with Brooke that date nights are definitely necessary! If you have someone to take the babe for a night, I recommend doing a staycation. I had anxiety leaving Camden for a night but it’s SO nice to have a full night for just the two of you and no baby duties. Kyle also leaves love notes around the apartment, which are fun to find 🙂 It’s the little things that keep the spark alive!

What color Nars brozner do you use?
We both use LAGUNA.

What do you keep in the house for breakfast and snacks?
Brooke: For breakfast, I usually have a protein shake from Isagenix – you may remember the “cleanse” I did here, and I’ve loved their shakes ever since. I do one scoop chocolate, one scoop vanilla, 1/2 banana, and either 1 tablespoon of almond butter or 1 tablespoon of PB2. If I’m not having a protein shake, I’ll have one of these: almond butter & banana toast, overnight oats, oatmeal, or a Mexican scrambled egg bowl (scrambled eggs, black beans, brown rice, avocado, and salsa). I snack on hummus and fresh veggies (carrots, celery, peppers), apples cut up with cinnamon or almond butter, or pretzels (not the healthiest, but I love).
Meggan: I keep my breakfasts pretty simple. Usually toast (I use ezekiel bread) with almond butter, eggs, greek yogurt + fruit, or cereal. I used to make smoothies every morning but for some reason I can’t drink them anymore…I think it’s because they remind me of being pregnant. Has that happened to anyone else? I’ll drink them from stores but not the ones I make…so weird! For snacks I do laughing cow cheese + apples, veggies + hummus, 100 cal guacamole packs with carrots, and whatever fruit I have on hand. Skinnytaste has a great list of snack ideas too!

Meggan – where is your coffee table and tv stand from?
Both are from Ikea – here and here. I spray painted the coffee table gold – a super easy DIY! #ikeahacks

Thoughts on Stitch Fix or services similar?
We’ve never actually tried Stitch Fix (or any of the similar brands), so we can’t speak to the quality or experience, but if you enjoy clothes/fashion, but hate shopping we think it’s a great idea! If you are unsure of putting outfits together, it could be a great help in that department as well. They have some pretty great reviews, so if you’re thinking of trying it out we say go for it!

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