You are both always cooking such yummy things! Grocery staples you pick up every week?
Meggan: I always have quinoa, rotisserie chicken, beans, corn, ground turkey, fresh fruit and veggies, greek yogurt, hummus, and eggs on hand. I make a lot of Mexican food – pulled chicken tacos, fajitas, quinoa enchilada casserole. I don’t worry about dieting or cutting any food groups – I try to cook with all ingredients and eat clean. I did a cupboard tour on Snapchat (@somewherelately) to give you an inside look!

Brooke: I always have ground turkey, chicken breasts, quinoa, fresh and frozen veggies, fruit, and hummus. Those items are always on my list, and I try to plan our dinners out for the week so I only have to go to the grocery store once/week (I loooaaathe the store!). Last night I made this turkey chili recipe, but cut the cayenne pepper in half, and added quinoa (just let the quinoa cook while the chili is simmering for 30 minutes). It was SO good and easy – highly recommend it! Lately I’ve become obsessed with rice pudding (KOZY SHACK is the best), and have been eating it for dessert every single night. It’s so good plain, hot, cold, or with cinnamon added (my favorite). 
I live in DC, and am looking for a tropical spring break destination without too much of a time change, any recommendations (not an MTV spring break scene, please!)? 
Brooke: A couple of my favorite places include: The Virgin Islands (any of them really, but I love St. Thomas!), The Cayman Islands, Cancun, Cabo (although this would be a pretty big time change), and Miami! Meggan and I both looooove Miami, and you’re still in the US which is nice! You can have the best of both worlds – you can relax on the beach by the pool and go to a nice dinner, or you can go out to fun bars and lounges at night. Miami also has some great shopping! I love doing research on TripAdvisor (it’s like Yelp for vacation) – you can select your destination, and the type of resort you are looking for – luxury, romantic, family-friendly, all inclusive, etc.
Meggan: My favorites are Playa del Carmen (Azul 5 resort is amazing!), Cancun, Cabo, Turks and Caicos (Grace Bay Beach is one of the best in the world). And like Brooke said – I LOVE Miami. It’s so beautiful and you truly feel like you’re further away then just Florida. You can also do day trips to the Bahamas from there!
Who takes your full body pictures for your blog/instagram?
Both of our guys are our photographers ;). It’s nice because we get our photos done for free (a lot of photogs charge up to $150/hour in our cities), but it can be tough at times because we really only get to shoot on the weekends.

Best rainboots for the season?
Brooke: I purchased these and really love them (true to size). They are lined with fuzzy faux fur, and fit so well! These Hunters are also a great staple pair.
Meggan: I don’t have a pair yet but I’ve been browsing Nordstrom for a pair – they have so many to choose from.

Meggan – where is your couch from?
It’s from Macy’s (here) and we added the sectional to it. It has an amazing pullout sleeper too!