1. My boyfriend and I just moved in together, and we need help finding a bedspread that isn’t too masculine or too feminine. Where did you ladies find your bedspreads?

Brooke: We went through the exact same thing! We’ve had a few different duvet/quilt combos since we’ve been married, but we currently have this duvet from West Elm (they have a lot of great options!). I found a few more choices that are great for couples here, here, and here.
Meggan: We have this duvet in white…I think it’s a little girly (oops!) but we have a masculine print above the bed (check snapchat to see!) so it balances it out, right?!
2. Meggan, where is your dark gray beanie from?
It’s from Forever21 but I don’t see it anymore – everything online goes so fast! This one is pretty similar and I also LOVE this!
3. Where are the tie-dye working leggings from you posted on Snapchat? Where do you ladies shop for workout clothes?
Meggan: They are by PRISMSPORT but it looks like they are sold out. They have so many unique and fun patterns – I love these snakeskin leggings and this marble pair! I wear a lot of Nike, the dri-FIT long sleeves are my favorite. I’ve never tried on Lululemon (I know, crazy right?) but I’m pretty sure Santa left some under the tree 😉 I also like to browse Carbon38 for workout clothes…so much cute stuff, it’s easy to get lost on it for hours!
Brooke: I love Zella workout pants, and I usually wear these simple tank tops from Target. I also have this pair of Lululemon pants that I really like, but they are so $$$, I can’t bring myself to buy another pair…especially when I love Zella & they are half the price (however, they are probably my favorite if I had to choose!). 
4. Did you girls go to college? If so, where?
Brooke: I went to 3 different universities, and still managed to graduate in 4 years…miraculously ;). My freshman & half of sophomore year I went to Arizona State, then I transferred to Iowa for ONE semester lol, and finished at DePaul University in Chicago. I was missing the midwest when I transferred to Iowa, but wasn’t happy there and missed living in a city, so DePaul was perfect – I loved going to school and graduating from there!
Meggan: I went to the University of Iowa! Can’t wait for the Rose Bowl on New Years…is anyone going?!

5. Can you share a roundup of all of the recipes you share on Snapchat? Everything looks SO good! 
We were actually talking about this yesterday, and we’re planning to add a “Tasty Tuesday” series to our blog if you guys are into it! Please, please let us know what you think! Would you like to see a recipe on the blog every week, or is that boring?! HELP! 
6. What could I wear to a holiday work party? 
We’ve rounded up some great options for a work party…nothing too over-the-top is key! You don’t want to be “that one girl who wore…….”