What are your favorite perfumes or what do you wear daily?

Meggan: I am obsessed with Chloe
Brooke: My two favorites are Diptyque Philosykos & this one by Joe Malone! I’m not into super sweet or extreme floral fragrances, and these two are seriously the best I’ve ever smelled!

Meggan – what are you favorite shops, restaurants, or activities in Dallas?
Kyle’s family lives in Dallas so we visit often and hope to end up there someday 🙂 My favorite restaurants/bars we’ve been to are Truluck’s, Louie’s (hole-in-the wall pizza place), Fearing’s, Chip’s (old fashion hamburgers & shakes), and Standard Pour (good drinks). We stayed at The Joule the night we got engaged – not only is the hotel amazing but there’s a swanky bar in it called Midnight Rambler. Definitely stop in if you’re downtown, it’s such a fun vibe! My favorite place to shop is NorthPark Center and Milk & Honey Boutique.
Seeing that your fiancé/husband’s families are in different states how do you decide where to spend the holiday’s? My boyfriend and I are just starting to get to this point. 
Meggan: For Thanksgiving we are going to rotate each (one year in Dallas, the next in Iowa) and for Christmas we are going to do both families. This year we are going to my families a week before Christmas then going to Dallas the day before Christmas Eve – and next year will be the opposite. It’s so hard missing holiday’s with your family so we try to make it work the best we can!
Brooke: We used to go to both, but after having kids it’s just too difficult to do that (his are in Chicago, mine are in Iowa or Arizona)! This year, we are having my in-laws out to NY for a week before Christmas, and flying to see my family for a week after Christmas. It’s a great way to see both families, and it makes it much easier than trying to travel two places with kids. It’s definitely a hard thing to juggle, especially when you live far from both families (and they live far from each other!), so you just have to talk about it ahead of time. Maybe spend one holiday with your family, and the next holiday with his family & then switch the following year.

What are the best clothes to wear right after you have a baby? Maternity clothes are too big and my regular clothes don’t fit but I’d like to look good in the meantime.
Meggan: Lucky for me, I had Camden in the summer and was able to wear dresses postpartum. But right now is the perfect time to wear oversized sweater (love this one!) and comfy stretch pants.
Brooke: I pretty much lived in these yoga pants after having both of my babies. I was able to fit into some of my regular jeans, but a few pairs were still too tight, so I did the old hair tie around the button trick to extend the waist a bit. I would suggest buying some inexpensive leggings and oversized tops/sweaters. Also, I picked up a few pairs of these jeans, and seriously LOVED them. They are like maternity jeans for AFTER you have a baby. Since the waistband is super tight/stretchy, they still fit me now, they are awesome!

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