Skin Care Tips
Hi loves! Hope everyone is having a good week…the first one after the holidays is always the hardest. Yesterday was my first day being sick and alone with Camden, and let me tell you that was not easy! All I wanted to do was soak in the tub but he had other plans! Reminded me of that Nyquil commercial “dad’s don’t do sick days!” which is so true. Anyway, one of my new year resolutions is to take better care of my skin. A couple weeks ago I did my first BBL treatment (broadband light) and boy was it an eye opener! It started with taking 6 different images of my face. I saw my sun damage, wrinkles/fine lines, bacteria, and brown spots. The treatment didn’t hurt too bad. It just felt like rubber band snaps – more uncomfortable then painful! I definitely recommend the treatment. There’s so many benefits and gets rid of damage. Google before and after pictures – it’s amazing! Below are a few tips and things I need to work on for better skin!
1. Take all your makeup off. One mistake I used to make was I would only use a makeup removing wipe and that was it – no cleanse after! I was also noticed the wipes weren’t getting everything off my face, so I ditched them and started using this cleansing balm. It dissolves all the makeup off your face and takes off sunscreen. I also got this makeup eraser for Christmas. I haven’t tried it yet but people swear by it!
It’s so soft and buttery!
2. Wear sunscreen. I know this is redundant but I was guilty of not wearing sunscreen until I saw the sun damage from my BBL images. I bought this tinted moisturizer which has SPF 45 and I’ve read great reviews on this Laura Mercier moisturizer and this as well! I always thought – I’m not going to have sun damage because I don’t tan. WRONG! Just because you don’t lay out doesn’t mean your skin isn’t getting sun. My face had more sun damage on the left side – most likely from driving – which shows you goes to show you! I bought
3. Use a face mask. I really like charcoal masks because they help clear pores (one of my problem areas!) and soften your skin. I’ve used this and this – both are great.
4. Change your Clarisonic head. I wasn’t doing this either but the bacteria really does build up (on your face and brush)! It’s suggested to replace them every three to four months as the bristles become fatigued and less effective over time. You can get two here for $44.
5. Drink Water. This is something I definitely struggle with. I got this water bottle (a lot of cute colors to chose from!) so I have some with me at all times. I read somewhere that Lauren Conrad drinks as many ounces of water a day as she weighs. I’m going to try to start doing this daily!
My mom got me this PMD Microderm Pro for Christmas. I haven’t used it yet since I just did the BBL but will let you all know how it is once I start!

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