Wedding Registry Must-Haves
Registering for your wedding is such a fun experience, but it can also be pretty overwhelming! We’re sharing a few of our favorites (that we’ve already tested and love!) from Macy’s with you today, along with a few other wishlist items! Macy’s is a great place to register, because they always have the b-e-s-t sales, they have pretty much everything you could dream of for your wedding registry, and it’s easy for wedding guests to purchase in store or online. They also have a killer beauty department to prep you for the big day (with free shipping + free returns)! 

I wanted to register for this espresso maker by Nespresso, but couldn’t wait because Brooke has one and told me how amazing it is. And she’s right – it makes delicious drinks and saves me trips to Starbucks!

Along with a great espresso/latte maker, you’ll need mugs! Coffee mugs like this one are such a fun thing to register for – I love having a lot of different mugs in my home. I will definitely be adding more of these to my registry!
Mixer: I use this every time I bake anything, make pancakes, and it’s my favorite to make mashed potatoes with! My grandparents gave this to us for our wedding, and it’s so special to me, especially now that my grandpa has passed. He had the same one in white, and it reminds me of him every time I use it. 
French Oven: I’ve wanted a Le Creuset cast iron oven for a long time, and finally got one as an anniversary gift this year & I’m obsessed. Can’t say enough great things about it – it’s obvious why they are so popular! They are definitely on the pricey side, but they are so worth it…and a great item to add to your registry. 
Casserole Dish:  I registered for these dishes for our wedding, and I’m still extremely happy with them (4 years later!). I know quite a few of my friends actually have the same ones & love them as well. Bonus – they come with amazing storage boxes that have come in handy in the 4 moves since we were married, lol!
Flatware: My grandparents got us our first (nice) set of silverware for our wedding & I love these. I think they’re such a classic set with a contemporary look and feel. I just saw they also come in rose gold, which now I’m dying for! 
My final wedding registry favorite is our Vitamix blender…seriously, put it on your registry! I promise, it’s worth it – I use it every day. I’ve talked to people who’ve had theirs for over 20 years, these things last forever! 

Thank you to Macy’s for sponsoring this post!