1. When you ladies attended college were you in clubs/sports/sororities?

Brooke: When I was at ASU, I was a Delta Gamma, but did not continue as an “active member” once I transferred -it was much different at each school. At DePaul, I majored in PR & was in the Public Relations Student Society.
Meggan: I was a Gamma Phi at the University of Iowa and was the house manager. I miss it so much!!
2. Which NYFW do you prefer – February or September?
Brooke: September for sure – there are outdoor parties, the weather is nice (but sometimes super hot!), you can explore the city comfortably, dine outside, visit rooftops, etc.
Meggan: Same as Brooke! The rooftop parties are so much fun and I love people watching outside the shows, which is too cold to do in the winter! 
3. Which hotel would you recommend for NYFW?
Since the shows have moved (no longer at Lincoln Center), you have some really fun options for staying close to shows from Midtown to SoHo. Some hotels I love are The Mercer, Nomo SoHo (formerly the Mondrian SoHo), Gramercy Park Hotel, The Peninsula, and The Roxy. 
4. If you were going to invest in one purse, which one would you buy? I’m looking for something timeless. 
Brooke: I think if you are going to invest in one bag & one bag only, it has to be a classic brand…and black. I love this one by Gucci, this one from Saint Laurent, and this one from Chanel.
Meggan: A few of my favorite classics are the Celine phantom bag, this Valentino tote, or this Saint Laurent.
5. How do you ladies balance being healthy & indulging? Do you do “cheat meals”? Do you try to order healthy when you’re out to eat? 
Meggan: I eat really healthy during the week but I have a HUGE sweet tooth so I usually always have a dessert (dark chocolate please!). If I deprive myself, I’m the type of person that cracks at the grocery store checkout and slams 5 Twix bars on the ride home. When we go out for dinner (which hasn’t been as much lately), 99% of the time I order unhealthy. However, some easy ways to eat healthy when you’re out is to ask for a vinaigrette dressing on the side, skip the bread, ask for grilled instead of fried, avoid creamy sauces and soups, and have a side salad instead of fries. But I say if you’re out, just go for it ;) We used to do a lot of takeout on the weekends but now we usually cook. I feel better and don’t screw up the progress I made all week.
Brooke: This is definitely something I struggle (harrdddd) with. I don’t like to deny myself of anything – I could never do a diet that completely cuts out anything…sugar, dairy, alcohol, etc. It’s just not sustainable for me. I try to eat healthy if I’m dining out, but on date nights (one night/week) I order whatever I want. I definitely see quicker results when I eat clean all week and have one cheat meal over the weekend, but that’s not always what happens ;). I have cut out alcohol and soda during the week, and try not to overindulge during the weekend. But if we’re being honest here, I might have bought a Valentine heart full of Rolos yesterday because it was 50% off at CVS and pretty much killed it already #oops. 
6. I’m going to Spain in March, is it still okay to wear wool/felt hats? 
We think it’s totally fine to wear wool or felt hats in March, go for it! The only time we wouldn’t recommend wool hats is in the high heat of summer. 
7. I’m going to Las Vegas in April, and am not the type to wear tight/revealing clothing. What could I pack that is Vegas-appropriate but not too over-the-top? 
We’re right there with you…not so much into the typical “Vegas” look. We love this romper, this dress, and this jumpsuit for nights out, and this dress would be perfect for daytime.

8. Brooke, Any cost-conscious alternatives to your Cartier love bracelet? 
Yes – I think there are so many great bracelets that are similar for less! 3 options under $50: here, here, and here. If you want to spend a little bit more, my 3 favorites under $300: here, here, and here (I have this one and love it).

9. Which Céline sunglasses do you have (in the pic of your new hair on insta) & where did you find them? 
These are my Céline sunnies, and I found them at Solstice.

10. I have a few spring weddings to attend, and cannot find the perfect “wedding guest” dress, any suggestions? 
We think this depends on the wedding location, dress code (if there is one), and weather. That being said, here are a few options that are safe for pretty much any wedding: this dress (only $25!), this dress is perfect for any occasion & can be dressed up or down #obsessed, and this jumpsuit is so chic!

11. Do you ladies have a favorite self tanner (body and face)? 
Brooke: This is my all-time favorite self tanner. You only have to leave it on for 3 hours (maximum), and it works so well! Be sure you purchase a mitt to apply it with – smoother application and it protects the palms of your hands!
Meggan: I’ve only used it a couple times, but I also love the express self tanner. I got this one but haven’t used it yet. Once I do, I’ll let you know how it is!

12. What hair products do you use on a daily basis?
Brooke: I use this blow dry spray, this styling cream, and this oil (I use the oil after my hair is dry). I also really love Moroccan Oil (I use this oil when my hair is damp).
Meggan: I use this blow dry spray, this primer, and this styling lotion. When I curl my hair I use this heat protecting spray and this hairspray. I love all Kenra and Bumble & bumble products!

13. What shampoo & conditioner do you use? 
Brooke: I use this shampoo & this conditioner by Biolage (currently buy 2 get 1 FREE!).
Meggan: I alternate between two color care shampoos – this one by Fekkai and this one by Biolage. For conditioner, I can’t live without this one by It’s a 10 – it makes my hair feel like butter! I just got this revive shampoo from Kenra I’m excited to try as well.

14. What kind of activities do you recommend (or do) with your babies? 
Meggan: It’s so hard to find things to do in the winter but last week I tried a sensory class and next week we’re doing baby + mommy yoga and a music class! 
Brooke: We like to go for walks, go to the park with Sophia, and play in the playroom (Avery is 11 months and just starting to enjoy playing in the playroom). I took Sophia to classes when she was a baby (gym & music) and plan to do the same with Avery soon – I’ve just been avoiding it because of all the germs/viruses in winter!

15. Vacation destination recommendations?
Brooke: I love Miami, The Virgin Islands, Cabo, The Cayman Islands, and Cancun. Places that I want to go (but have never been) are: Bora Bora, The Dominican Republic, Ibiza, and Anguilla!
Meggan: Some of my favorite places are Turks & Caicos, Playa del Carmen, Cabo, and Miami. Some places I’m dying to go are Fiji, Greece, and Bali.

16. I have a trip to Miami coming up & need new swimsuits and cover-ups, suggestions please!

Swimsuits we love: this bikini this crochet bikini, this halter bikini, this bikini top looks just like Mikoh but for wayyyyyy less, and this amaze one-piece.
Cover-ups: This one looks much more expensive than it is ($24!), obsessed with the turquoise tassels on this one, this one is lust-worthy, and this one is a splurge, but perfect for Miami and could be worn to dinner as well!

17. What do you ladies order from Starbucks?
Meggan: A soy latte or chai tea latte with soy. In the summer I like iced green tea with no sweetener – such a good thirst quencher!
Brooke: I order a vanilla latté – I don’t go for sugar free because of the artificial sweetener.  

18. What wallets do you ladies use? 
Brooke: I use this wallet from Louis Vuitton. I’m really picky about wallets – they have to fold all the way out (I hate trying to reach into the zippered part to get out any cards), and this was one of the only ones I could find that folds flat. I’ve had it since the fall, and I love it. My parents also just bought me a mini wallet from YSL for my birthday. I haven’t used it yet, but I am in love with the look!
Meggan: I actually don’t have a wallet! Last month I tried ordering a few YSL card case’s from Nordstrom and they went out of stock. So now I’m asking one for my birthday! I really love this Saint Laurent and this Gucci one – both classics. I still really want this card case though (wish this one was still in stock too!).

19. I want to try out a new foundation and/or overall makeup routine. Where should I go for some help? Nordstrom? Sephora? 
We think Sephora is pretty good at helping you out – just target the girl who has the best makeup ;). Nordstrom is always very helpful as well – I’ve never thought about getting my makeup done there, but saw a girl in the makeup chair there the other day with ahhhmaazziinnngg makeup, so I really don’t think you could go wrong with either. Both of us are in love with this foundation (also love this one for daytime), this setting powder, this bronzer, and this concealer