1. How do you keep your homes from being overrun by toys?
Brooke: Since we moved to a house, we now have a designated playroom which is where all most of the toys stay (one of my strict rules). We have a TV area with a few toys, but there are only a few things I let stay in that space all the time (Avery’s walker, Sophia’s table & chairs, etc). In our apartment in NYC (very small space), I had to limit the amount of toys Sophia had due to space – I sold our swing, her bouncy seat, etc, and she only had books, dolls, and a few other toys to play with. Luckily her room was a decent size, so I kept all of the toys in there because there would be no way we could have had anything in our living space, it was just too small.
Meggan: We definitely limit how much we buy for Camden. I would love for him to have a swing and rocker but we don’t have enough room – his bouncy seat and 4Moms chair are both in our living room and it feels jam packed! But as for toys, we have this tv stand, and have two baskets on the bottom which we keep toys in. He also has a toy basket and books in his room but we really limit what we buy. Plus, he would much rather play with tupperware and pots and pans anyway! I love these baskets from Anthropologie (on sale!) and these from West Elm – so cute to store toys in!

2. How did you mange to do outfit posts when you were both working full-time?
We took outfit photos on the weekends (which is actually what we still do today). We share(d) what we wear on the weekends, and not so much during the week…let’s be honest, most weekdays are not too exciting around our homes unless we have meetings to go to ;).

3. I’m looking for a great work bag that’s simple, but elegant. I love the Mansur Gavriel lady bag, but not the price. Any suggestions? 
This one is extremely similar to the ‘lady bag,’ but much less expensive. We’re kind of in love with the dove gray color & the details on this bag…the size is perfect for work and it has a cross-body strap.

4. What were your pregnancy must-haves (clothing & non-clothing items)?
Brooke:pregnancy pillow (must-have), Bio Oil, a belly band for pants, comfortable lounge clothes (I lived in these pants throughout my pregnancy), oversized tees (not maternity), a great pair of maternity jeans (I think you only need one pair), and sneakers (sneakers are key!). Also, I always have a cool-mist humidifier going in my room at night (I have this one and love it), but I think this is also a great thing to do during pregnancy.
Meggan: A cozy robe (first thing I put on when I got home from work!), sneakers (lived in this pair and still do!), leggings, a pair of jeans that make you feel sexy (if that’s possible lol!), basic tees, comfy undiespregnancy pillow, a heating pad, and belly butter (so good!).

5. Outfit ideas & favorite bikinis for a trip to Mexico?
Meggan: I’m leaving for Cabo next week and a few things I bought are: this bikini, romper, these wedges, and these orange aviators. Some other items I’m loving are: this maxi dress, these sandals, this tassel blouse, crochet cardigan, and this one-piece (so sexy!).

6. What are your favorite things to do with baby in Chicago?
Meggan: It’s definitely a lot harder getting out of the house in the winter but some things I do with Camden are museums, endless trips to Nordstrom and Target (ha!), lunch, parks, zoo, and we’re going to start going to music class at Monica + Andy.

7. I’m planning on moving to NYC but have been job hunting for months and struggling. Any tips for job hunting in a big city and making your resume stand out?
Brooke: I thought  my resume was great after college, but my hubs (boyfriend at the time) took one look at it and basically laughed in my face (lol, ouch!). What I failed to do (and I think a lot of people struggle with this when writing their resume) was turn my accomplishments at work into measurable bullet points on my resume. For example, instead of saying “Responsible for reaching out to potential advertisers,” you should say, “Responsible for placing 45 cold calls each day, resulting in 10 new advertisers per week.” It’s just about writing your responsibilities in a measurable manner. Also, don’t include jobs that aren’t applicable to the job you want. If you want to land a job in fashion, don’t include the waitressing job you had over the summer of 2010. After I rewrote my resume, I received many more callbacks from job applications, and also landed my first “real” job. I would also recommend perfecting your LinkedIn profile, and networking through that website – it’s amazing the people you can meet/connect with there.

8. Can you post the recipe for the quinoa + brussels sprouts + kale you posted on snapchat? 
Brooke: There’s really no recipe, but I just sautéed brussels sprouts, kale, and chicken (from a rotisserie) together with olive oil, salt & pepper. I already had some quinoa made from the day before (great to have on-hand for healthy eating all week), so I threw some of that in the pan as well, and mixed everything together. Super simple, healthy, and filling!

9. Brooke, do you have plans in NYC for your birthday? My b-day is coming up and looking for some fun ideas/places to go! 
Yes, my birthday is next Wednesday and my hubs said he has some plans for that evening (probably just dinner since it’s a weeknight), and next weekend we are heading to Tao Downtown for a joint birthday dinner with friends – it’s also my girlfriend’s birthday. I’m excited because I’ve never been there, and have been wanting to check it out for a while! I’ll let you know how it is, and whether or not I’d recommend it!

10. What are your favorite workout pants that don’t fall down? I’m constantly pulling mine up during workouts! 
Brooke: I think my favorites would have to be these ones from Lulu – I’ve never had an issue with them falling down like others I’ve had, and I love the high waist! I also really love this pair from Nordstrom – the price is right, and again never had an issue with them falling down (I wear an XS in these, and think they run a tiny bit big).
Meggan: I have a few favorites – this Lulu pair, these Nike leggings, and both my pairs by Prismsport. I’ve never had problems with them falling down!