Happy Fri-YAY ladies! Thanks for all of your questions this week, we received so many that we’re going to have to save some for next week, so if you don’t see your question below, look out for it next Friday! As always, comment below or email us with your questions for next week! xx

1. Do you ladies have any gym bag suggestions? I’m looking for a bigger bag that will fit everything for work and my clothes/shoes for working out after.

Brooke: I recently purchased this backpack and am loving it for going to & from the gym and to run errands after, BUT it doesn’t fit everything I need if I’m planning to shower/get ready after my workout (makeup, hairspray, clothes, shoes, etc), so I just got this bag (literally yesterday), and can’t tell you how amazing it is (even though I haven’t used it yet haha). It’s enormous without looking ridiculous, and comes with multiple pouches on the inside to put things like makeup/hair products (or whatever you’d need) in. I’m already obsessed! It’s lightweight which is great since I’ll be hauling heavy items, and I love the look – I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it works!
Meggan: I usually just throw everything in my diaper bag or stroller which is so unorganized! I just got this backpack and can’t wait to use it!

2. Have you seen any cute oxfords or loafers lately? Been on the hunt for a classic style, nothing too trendy.
Here are our three favorites from most expensive – least expensive: 1, 2, 3. SO cute!

3. How do you guys keep track of all the sales that are going on?
A few different ways: subscribe to emails, other bloggers we follow, and honestly just constantly checking our favorite sites every so often (aka every day lol). 

4. What would you recommend to wear to church for a baptism?
For church functions, it’s always best to be conservative ;). We love this dress (saw it in store, and it’s SO cute) and this jumpsuit

5. I’m going to NY for the first time but will only be in the city for 1.5 days – what are your must-see tourist spots (we will have our 5yo with us)? I would also love some budget friendly outfit ideas!
You can see all of my favorite NYC ‘must see’ spots from in this post (question #12). You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, so sneakers are a must (love these), shorts, crops, or leggings depending on the weather, and layering is key with a tank, button down, and jacket. If the weather is warm enough a dress (how cute is this one for $25?!) with sneakers or sandals would be perfect! If you’re wanting to get a bit dressier, I love this dress with these sandals.

6. Do you have any gift ideas for friends (guys & girls) graduating college?
For guys we would say something small like a bottle of their favorite liquor or something personalized like a money clip. For girls we love these candles, an initial necklace, a framed picture of the two of you (love these frames), a tote filled with goodies for their future job (notebooks, planner, pens, etc), and a bottle of their favorite wine!

7. Favorite cute/trendy spring sandals & wedges that are affordable?
There’s SO many we love right now – shoes are our weakness 😉 Our favorites under $50: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And our favorites under $100: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

8. Meggan, we just found out we’re having a boy! Where do you usually shop for Camden and what are your favorite items for him?
Yay congrats! I usually shop for him at ZaraH&M (the best basics!), Gap (they always have sales, never pay full price!), Old Navy and Target. I linked some of my must-have products on this post and this postThis bath seat is one of my favorites – he loves bath time and it was a major hit!

9. What apps do you use to edit your photos on Instagram? Any tips on photo editing?
We use VSCOCAM to edit our photos. Make sure you have a clear, well lit photo to begin with and find your favorite filter. Keep it consistent, try not to use more than 2-3 different filters to keep your feed uniform!

10. Meggan, where did you work before Trunk Club (in college/internships/post-graduation)?
Right after college I moved to the city and nannied for about a year then I started working at a company called Mindshare. That’s when I realized I 100% did not want to be working a 9-5 corporate job!

11. I’m graduating from college in May and need some ideas for a casual & affordable dress, have you seen any lately? 
We love this (such a pretty color!), this off-the-shoulder, this mini, this lace one, and this sleeveless one.

12. I have a black tie wedding to attend, but I feel like it’s such a fine line – I don’t want to be over OR underdressed, please help! 
Better to be overdressed than underdressed at a black tie wedding in our opinion, but we definitely understand your concern! Check out Rent the Runway – we think this is such a great option for black tie events, since you will probably never (or hardly ever) wear this dress again, and you can wear a high-end designer for less than you’d be purchasing a lower-end designer dress for. Here are a few options we think fit into that “safe” (but amazing) category: one, two, three (our favveeee).

13. Meggan, I love your tattoo and am thinking about getting one in the same spot. Do you love yours? I’m afraid I’ll regret the placement. Any plans for others?
I honestly don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. I got it after one too many cocktails with my friends one night lol oops! 😉 I do like the simplicity of it and half the time I forget it’s even there! I like the placement though and don’t have any “plans” for others!