1. Favorite red, white, and rosé wines? 

Brooke: I’m not big into red, but I like Pinot Noir (no particular brand favorite there) if I am going to have red. My favorite white wine is Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, and my favorite Rosé is Summer in a Bottle (which is actually from a Long Island Vineyard). My go-to cheap white wine is Kris – the taste is pretty similar to Santa Margherita.  
Meggan: My two favorite red wines are Apothic Red which is a blend and Menage A Trois. For white I drink Pinto Grigio and sometimes Riesling if it’s not too sweet! I recently tried Drew Barrymore’s wine and loved it!
2. Brooke, did you get a double stroller with baby #2? I’m pregnant now (my first-born is 3), and am wondering if it’s even worth it to get a double stroller?
I didn’t buy a double stroller (yet). I still consider buying one sometimes, but so far it really hasn’t been necessary. Sophia likes to walk, and on the weekends we just bring two strollers in case she wants to sit down (my hubby will push one and I push the other). It has worked well for us, and I didn’t want to purchase a double stroller if we didn’t need one…and so far we haven’t! My suggestion is to hold off, you can always order one and receive it in a day or two if you realize you need one! 
3. What are you planning to do for your babies’ first birthdays? 
Brooke: Avery turned one last weekend, and we are actually going to celebrate it this weekend with a little party. I feel bad, for Sophia’s first birthday we had a big party with lots of people, food, and cake, and I feel like Avery isn’t going to have that…her party is going to be much more intimate ;). I think that’s what happens with baby #2, and when you live so far from family. I’ll be sure to take photos and share!
Meggan: Camden’s first birthday is in June so I haven’t really thought about it yet – but I’m hoping to do something in my parents backyard by the pool. I love this and this for themes!

4. How did you decide on names for your kids? 
Brooke: We had a running list of names we liked for first and middle names, and I would basically shove them in my husband’s face every night and make him pick his favorite HA (he shot down a ton of names I really liked)! I basically googled every single possible baby name out there, wrote down the ones I liked, and kept coming back to them to see which ones I still liked after a couple months.
Meggan: I had the hardest time thinking of boy names! I of course had a huge list of girl names and zero boy names and only came up two I really liked. We started calling him Camden and it just stuck!
5. Do you ladies use an eyelash enhancing serum?
Brooke: I never have, but I’m very interested in trying one because my lashes are pretty short and I looove the look of long eyelashes. I’ve also considered eyelash extensions, but have heard it can be a pain to keep up with.
Meggan: In college I used Latisse and really liked it. My lashes were fuller and longer but I started to notice my eyelid was getting darker so I stopped using it. I’ve also looked into eyelash extensions but I don’t think I can keep up with them…I can barley get to the nail salon!

6. Brooke, I love your new hair! What have you been asking for from your stylist? I love how there’s blonde added, but it’s not too ombré.
Thank you! I ask for balayage highlights (also sometimes called hair painting) – they are a more natural looking highlight. I also request a cooler color, because my hair gets brassy very easily since it’s naturally dark brown.

7. I’m looking for a timeless larger bag (love a hobo style) that is easy to grab and go. I’m looking at the $300-$400 range, do you ladies have any recommendations?
We love the croc embossing on this bag (comes in two great color combos!), this hobo bag is stunning – we love the gray color and the fact that it has a zipper closure, and this is a classic bag that comes in 3 great colors…it also comes in this zipper detailed version which is great as well!

8. Do you both want more kids? If so, how many? Brooke, how many years apart are your girls?
Meggan: Yes, I want two or three more kids! Kyle really wants four but we will have to see how the next two go. If my next one is colic we will be stopping there…just kidding ;)
Brooke: Yes, I want at least one more baby! I have always wanted three kids, but sometimes say maybe four…it will probably end up being 3. My girls are 2.5 years apart, and that age difference was perfect for us! When Avery was born, Sophia could do a lot of things on her own and was sleeping in a toddler bed. It wasn’t like I had to constantly watch her if I had to change Avery’s diaper/feed her, etc.

9. My family wants to book a vacation in either California or Florida where we will be renting a house on the beach. Do you ladies have any favorite cities/towns in either state?
Brooke: I love Miami, Sunny Isles Beach, Key West and have never been but have heard great things about Naples in Florida, and love La Jolla, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, and Malibu in California.
Meggan: I love West Palm Beach, Miami, and St. George Island in Florida. I’ve only been to a few in California which Brooke already listed but my fiance used to live there so I asked him. He suggested Half Moon Bay, Pebble Beach, Del Mar, Coronado and Tiburon.

10. Any suggestions for dresses to wear to a graduation (I’m not graduating, just attending!). Looking for something cute and not too dressy because more graduations are auditorium/gyms, etc.
Here are a few options all under $100!
one (love it in white with nude sandals!) // two // three // four // five

Happy weekend babes! Leave your questions for next week in the comments below or email us (brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com)! xx