1. Favorite high-quality basic tees? 

Meggan: I used to go through soooooo many Target and Forever21 tee’s and decided it was time to invest in quality which I’m glad I did! The amount of money you spend going through low quality tee’s adds up to the designer quality ones you could invest in. I loveeee Current Elliot basics! I’ve had this v-neck and this muscle tank for over 2 years and they’re both in excellent shape. The Shopbop sale is still going on which is perfect to stock up on basics! I also have this tee from Madewell in a couple colors that are pretty good too!
Brooke: I haven’t found the perfect high-quality tee yet, but I’m on the lookout so stay tuned! I had this one from Alexander Wang a few years ago and loved it, but lost it (I swear I only lose the clothes I spend more $$ on)! I think I’ll buy another one for spring/summer. I might try one of Meggan’s suggestions, but I love these tees. I think they are great quality, the fit is right, and the price is great.

2. Any advice on when it’s time to get rid of things in your closet? I’m bad at keeping things for “just in case”.
Brooke: I struggled with this as well until about a year ago. I just decided I needed to get rid of things (especially things I haven’t worn in YEARS), and it became easier when we started selling pieces from our closets. I realized I can sell things I don’t wear anymore to help fund new pieces I want. Anyone can sell their gently used clothes – I used Poshmark before we started selling them from the blog, and it worked great for me! My tips for selling used items are…you have to price them right! If it’s priced right, it will sell.
Meggan: Ugh I used to do this all the time too! I’d save a shirt because I was like maybe I could wear this to a country concert. When in reality if I went to a concert I was definitely going to be buying a new shirt lol! Now I get rid of things if I haven’t worn it in a year, because I most likely won’t wear it again.

3. How do you tame your postpartum baby hairs?
We both use this Kenra hairspray, styling cream, and oil. It’s definitely a struggle to tame the baby hairs, but these products help a ton!

4. Brooke, I’m thinking of going to Precision Eyebrows, I would love to hear your thoughts on it and if you’re still happy with it?
Brooke: Yes, I am SO thrilled with my “new brows.” I’m planning to do a full post soon, but I would highly recommend her to any/everyone who is interested in semi-permanent makeup. It has changed my life lol!

5. How do you protect your suede shoes?
Brooke: I don’t…I definitely should, but I haven’t sprayed any of them (so bad!). I know Ugg sells a suede spray that is supposed to work well, but I’ve never tried it. I only wear my suede shoes when it’s not snowing or raining, I try to avoid moisture at all costs.
Meggan: I bought this spray from Nordstrom but haven’t used it yet!

6. Suggestions on what to wear for a bachelorette party as a guest and as the bride?
A cute dress or a jumpsuit are great for either the guest or the bride! We love this dress & this jumpsuit as a guest, and this would be perfect for a bride!

7. I have an upcoming trip and I’m thinking of doing a bikini wax – yay or nay?
Yay girl!! And we say if you’re going through the pain, might as well make it a Brazilian 😉 It’s so nice not having to worry about down there on vacay!

8. How do you style sneakers when your not at the gym?
We both love wearing them with these liquid leggings and a oversized sweater or a tee layered with a jacket on top. They also look super cute with boyfriend or skinny jeans! We’ve done a few posts (HERE) on how to style them as well.

9. Meggan, Where are your barstools from?
They’re from World Market. I don’t see them online but I was there a couple weeks ago and they were still in store.

10. I’m in need of some neutral summer sandals in white and/or beige to wear with summer dresses. Any suggestions?
We love this nude pair (on sale!), this white pair, and this pair is super fun!

11. What would you recommend to day drink in next weekend in Chicago for St. Patties Day?
Definitely layer up because you never know what this crazy Chicago weather will be like 😉 I would keep it simple with cute sneakers (love these and they’re green!), skinny jeans, vintage tee (Forever21 and Revolve have cute options!), and a button down – if it gets warm you can tie it around your waist.

12. What formula’s do you feed your babies? And what solids did you introduce with and what are they eating now?
Meggan: While I was breastfeeding I was supplement with Earth’s Best Sensitivity Formula and then switched to Honest which we still use. We started solids (pureed) at 6 months and started with basic foods like sweet potatoes, bananas, broccoli, peas, carrots, prunes, and avocado. Now he eats everything and anything mixed together! I usually just buy the organic baby food pouches (love Plum brand or Baby Organics) because it’s convenient but also have this Babycook Pro and love it. It’s super easy to use and clean. And it comes with a cookbook which is helpful! Honestly, Camden is such a good eater and hasn’t turned down anything we give him. I just started giving him “big boy food” and have been very cautious because I’m terrified of choking but he’s been doing good! So far he’s tried cheese, puffs, yogurt, steamed veggies, egg yolks, and pizza 😉 which he obviously loved.
Brooke: I use this one from Enfamil. I’ve never had any issues with it – I tried a couple organic brands from Whole Foods, but they just did not work well with Avery’s stomach. She pretty much eats all food (but she’s not a fan of meat) that she’s allowed for her age, but she’s not as big of an eater as Sophia was. We’re still doing these pouches, this cereal, and a few of her favorites are bananas, pasta, cooked apples, broccoli, and avocado.

13. My boyfriend and I take turn planning date nights – any good ideas for when you ladies plan date nights?
Brooke: We do date night once/week, and we aren’t very adventurous because we love going to dinner, so that’s what we typically do ;). One thing we try to do is go to a new restaurant every time. Last weekend we went to the Knicks vs Nets game which was super fun, and different. When I plan date night, I try to find a fun restaurant that we wouldn’t normally go to.
Meggan: Unfortunately we don’t do date nights as often as we would like to. It’s hard with a baby! We go to dinner, wine or beer tastings, or cooking classes!

14. Did either of you try the CIO method and did it work? Our little guy is 6 months and still isn’t sleeping through the night and we are so tired!
Brooke: I used the CIO method for both of my girls and honestly, I think it was the best thing I could have done (I know it’s not for everyone). You have to be sure you’re comfortable with it, but after talking to my pediatrician, I was much more comfortable and felt like I had all the right information. Both of my girls fall asleep on their own, and do not cry at bedtime. It took us about one week with both girls and the first two nights are definitely the most difficult! The method I used is putting the baby in her crib awake, telling her it’s time to go to sleep, and leave the room…naturally she will cry, so after 10 minutes I went in (but did not pick her up), patted her tummy and tried to comfort her but remind her it’s time to go to bed…repeat that process every 10 minutes. They quickly learn that they are safe in their bed, and in a week you’ll be thanking yourself for not giving up! The same goes for the middle of the night – my pediatrician recommended giving a bottle of water for one week if they are waking in the night (if you’re feeding your baby in the night, they are going to continue to wake wanting to be fed), and if they can handle the bottle of water for one week (they will be mad at first that it’s not milk), they can sleep through the night. I didn’t have to do this with Sophia, but did with Avery and it worked – after that one week of giving a bottle of water in the night, I followed the CIO method if she woke up, and soon after that she was sleeping all night. Sorry if that’s confusing – it’s kind of difficult to explain in writing, so let me know if you have any questions about it! I’m not an expert, but followed the recommendations of my pediatrician and it worked for us.
Meggan: We did the CIO method around 6 months because we we’re in the same boat – no sleep! Camden was still waking up in the middle of the night for a bottle and Brooke told me about the water bottle trick so we did that for about a week and then did CIO. We did it while we we’re at my in-laws because honestly there was no way I would of been able to do it in our tiny apartment. I would of cracked in a heartbeat. I’m so glad we did it though, now we just put him in his crib for bedtime and he doesn’t make a fuss!

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