Kitchen Plans & Inspo
Totally non-kitchen related…but before we get into that, I have to let you know one of the BEST sales of the season started today at Shopbop! Save up to 25% on your spring/summer wardrobe with code: BIGEVENT16! Okay, onto the kitchen!

We’ve started the process of renovating our kitchen, but everything seems to take so long (and we haven’t even started the demo yet lol). I’m planning to blog the entire process – so lots of before, during, and after photos to come! We’re finalizing the design decisions this weekend, and will start demo as soon as the cabinets arrive. PS – I’m having such a hard time choosing cabinets, please let me know your opinion on my two favorites below, I have to decide by Saturday! Let’s start with some inspo…

I originally wanted to do gray, but my husband & our realtor pushed for white since “it’s safer” for resale. We did white in our last kitchen (see the before & after here), so I wanted to do something different, but I’m fine with white – it’s classic and I don’t really think you can go wrong. 
…and now I need your help! I always thought I would want a Shaker cabinet, but I recently saw these cabinets in a kitchen and kind of fell in love. They look very similar to a shaker, but have just a bit more detail. We’re planning to do brass pulls (if that makes a difference at all). 
…and here’s the Shaker 
Please help! I’d love to hear your thoughts! xx
A few recent kitchen purchases…obsessed with the marble utensil holder!