Working On Our Fitness
Did you guys know Free People now has a yoga & active wear line? When I saw it in store at Nordstrom last week I couldn’t resist. I love all the unique silhouettes, bold cutouts and pretty colors. My pants are high waisted and super comfortable – I love anything that helps tuck the tummy 😉 I also tried on these leggings which were equally as great. I honestly wish I could of brought the whole line home! If your store doesn’t carry the FP line (mine is one of the few!), the whole collection is available online + free shipping as always!
tee (wearing size S) | leggings (wearing size XS) | sneakers | sunglasses
A few weeks ago I posted my HIIT routine and a couple of my go-to recipes HERE. I’m still sticking with it and mostly focus on arms, glutes, calves, and abs in the weight room. One of my favorite things to use at the gym are kettle bells. If you don’t belong to a gym you can buy them and store at home since they don’t take up much space! I like to do fat-burning circuits which include: russian swings, lunges (pass kettle bell between legs each time), goblet squats, push presses, dead lifts, and figure eights. There are so many different workouts you can do, Pinterest has a lot of great suggestions as well!
If you’ve been following our snaps, you know I started BBG again last week. If you’re unfamiliar with BBG, you can learn more here (or check out Kayla’s instagram). I completed weeks 1-8 in the late summer/fall, and then the seasonal colds/flu hit our house, and my workouts/eating well went right out the window. I’m determined to finish the 12-week program, and continue with it after those 12 weeks. I’m really committed to making a lifestyle change, and everyone I know who is constantly in great shape has made it their lifestyle. So far, (7 days) it’s been fairly simple to stick to because I made a plan. It’s true what they say – if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail (been there, done that)! I’m eating clean, simple meals during the week (you can see them all on snapchat), and having one “cheat meal” each weekend. I know this is going to be more difficult at times (like when traveling), but I’m going to stick to it as much as possible. If you’re trying to eat healthy while dining out, order a lean protein (chicken for example) and request it to be prepared without butter/oil, and order a side of steamed veggies, and a starch (brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato). I’ve been meal prepping, and making time in my day to head to the gym. If you don’t have a gym membership, or don’t always have the time, you can do BBG at home – that’s what I love about it (also they are only 30 minute workouts). I never have an excuse not to do a workout, because it can really be done anywhere. I’m planning to continue snapping the workouts, and would love to know if any of you are interested in completing the program with me – please let me know! 
New workout gear always gets me more motivated to work out & I picked up a new outfit from Nordstrom last week. I’ve always loved Zella pants, and needed a new pair of black leggings, so when I found these in my size I had to grab them! I wanted a lightweight jacket I could wear to and from the gym & after to run errands, and this one is perfect – it’s lightweight, reflective, and I love the color. I’ve been waiting for these sneakers to be restocked in my size, and purchased them immediately when they were back in stock (they run 1/2 size big, so size down). They are the most comfortable sneakers I own – I don’t think they are great for running, but I am planning to wear them for BBG circuit workouts & with some of my athleisure looks during the week. 

jacket (wearing size S) | tee (wearing M) | pants (wearing XS) | shoes (sized down 1/2 size)

…more of our favorites from Nordstrom

Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering for this post!