1. My fiancé and I are taking engagement pictures in May and I was wondering if you had suggestions for outfits that would photograph well? I want them to be cute/trendy, but something that won’t date these pictures immediately. 

Keep it simple – when there are too many patterns, photos can easily look dated or too busy. On the flip side, we’re not big fans of extreme color coordination either. For our engagement photos (5 years ago), I wore a white dress (similar to this one – obsessed, looks way more expensive than it is), and my husband wore tailored pants (these – which look so great on, better than online) with a chambray shirt (like this one), and I still like the way the outfits look in the photos. I’ve heard you should try not to have more than 3 colors total, and I think that’s a good rule to follow. 
2. Hey ladies! One of my best friends is getting married this summer and requested we all wear grey or silver (not my normal go to colors)….any suggestions of cute/appropriate dresses in these colors for a summer wedding!?
We love this one (under $100), this one (under $70), and this one – all great options in gray/silver!
3. You ladies are always wearing the cutest heels, do you actually wear them around town all day or just for photos? I am always jealous and wish I could wear heels all day but my feet hurt even just after an hour! Any tips or tricks on mastering heels and making them less painful?!
Brooke: We take most of my outfit photos on the weekends (since my hubs works late during the week), so on those evenings I do wear heels, because we’re usually headed to date night! During the week, no way! I stick to sneakers and flats…there’s no way I could run around and do my errands in heels, that would be laughable! I don’t know how those girls (especially moms) do it, but major props to them! 
Meggan: You will rarely ever catch me in heels during the week unless I have an event or meeting. When I worked at Trunk Club I’d wear heels to work but always wore flats for the commute. During the spring and summer I’ll wear wedges or small heeled sandals during the day but never high heels. I don’t have any tips or tricks for walking in heels besides only purchasing comfortable ones that you know you can last in. There’s nothing more painful (or embarrassing!) then not being able to walk in your heels.

4. Any budget-friendly nightstand ideas? 
Nightstands are SO difficult to find #thestruggleisreal! Here are five great options under $300: one, two, three, four, five (this one is on sale for under $150 and has amazing reviews!).

5. What are your summer staples for casual, everyday looks? Do you wear shorts or mostly stick with dresses/rompers?
Meggan: I honestly mostly wear jeans with tee’s and tanks. My favorite ones are by Current Elliot – they last a long time and don’t lose their shape after a few washes. I have a hard time finding shorts that aren’t too short but that’s my mission before summer! I wear a lot of casual dresses – I just ordered this stripe one and this embroidered shift dress.
Brooke: I like dresses (just bought this one), or cutoffs with a simple tee or tank for daytime looks. If I’m wearing a romper, it’s most likely for date night…not sure why, but I don’t typically wear them during the day.

6. What is your go to drink when you go out and aren’t trying to TOTALLY go way over your calorie count for the day? 

Brooke: I usually have a couple of glasses of wine when we go out, but if I’m having a cocktail it’s a margarita (regular, skinny, or spicy depending where we’re at). I don’t like sweet drinks, so most of the time I’m not too concerned with the amount of calories in it (nothing sugary or blended for me). To order a “skinny” marg when you’re out just ask for silver tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, a splash of orange juice, and agave (if they have it). I always have salt on the rim, can’t give that up!
Meggan: If I’m trying to be conscious (which I’m usually not when drinking lol) I’ll do a cucumber vodka and water (it’s pretty refreshing and tasty!) or a vodka tonic. But I usually just stick to wine and avoid sugary drinks!

7. I am taking a girls trip to Nashville in late May. What pieces do you recommend?
We think this this dress would look SO cute with a pair of cowboy boots – you have to dress a little country while you’re there 😉 For daytime we would pack these shorts, this off the shoulder top, and these peep toe sandals! This chambray romper is also a cute option! You might be doing a lot of walking and will need a comfy shoe. We love these espadrille wedges and these sneakers – both are versatile and go with so much!

8. My sister’s birthday is coming up and I’m looking for birthday presents. Any suggestions on great gift ideas under $100?
Gifts we love getting are makeup (Ulta has good deals!) along with this makeup brush holder is cute, robes (both have this one and can’t say enough good things about it!, Dogeared necklaces, champagne glasses, this monogram trinket dish, and if you guys spend time by the pool – anything from this section would be so good!

9. I’d love for you guys to do a post or coffee talk question that details out what you eat on a daily/weekly basis. Your clean eating and working out is motivating!
You may have seen on snapchat last week, we’re currently working on a “weekly food diary,” and we’ll be sharing it soon!

10. Do you guys sleep on a special pillowcase for your hair/skin? I’m debating buying the Slip pillowcase but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price tag for a pillowcase.
Brooke: I don’t use a special/satin pillowcase, but I’ve always been interested in them! That one has great reviews and a lot of love, it might be worth a try. I know a lot of celebrities say they swear by a satin pillowcase for skin & hair!
Meggan: No but I have been meaning to buy one. My mom has one and really likes it – she even travels with it!

11. Any ideas for a long weekend baby moon?
It depends where you live, but some of our favorite places are: Miami, Cabo, Cancun, Laguna Beach, or San Diego. It really depends on your location (and how far the flight would be) for a long weekend trip. Any of these locations are relaxing, warm (most of the time), and full of great restaurants and beaches! Our recipe for a perfect baby moon.

12. What is your favorite lounge wear? 
Meggan: TARGET! I have these jogger pants and wear them allllll the time…which you might have noticed from snapchat 😉 I have multiples of the same color so I don’t have to worry always having a clean pair lol!
Brooke: I pretty much wear this robe every night, it’s the softest material ever! I love these sweats from Nike – I’ve had them for over 4 years and they still look new and don’t lose their shape! This pajama set is seriously SO soft and comfortable (which surprised me to be honest), and probably my favorite set to wear around the house and when we travel.