1. How do you travel with hats?

Brooke: I either wear it on the plane or pack it upside down in my suitcase, stuffing the inside with clothes so it doesn’t lose it’s shape.
Meggan: I do the same! Stuff the inside and lay it flat on the suitcase. Pack around the hat and don’t put anything on top.

2. Any good recommendations for practical but cool raincoats?
Brooke: I almost purchased this one, but didn’t and am regretting it now (it’s been raining all week). It is SO cute, and I was comfortable in both the 2 and the 4. I also love this poncho – so cute, especially for the gym & athleisure looks!
Meggan: This one is cute, has a hood and the color is perfect for spring! This one is a classic trench style and it’s on sale!

3. I’m looking for a cute and durable beach bag. Any ideas?
Meggan: I’ve been eyeing this beach bag (love the poms!) and love this one since last summer! I saw this one at Target which is super cute and under $40!
Brooke: I think this bag I just got from MZ Wallace would be a perfect beach bag – large enough to hold everything, lightweight, and easy to clean! I also saw this one in store and it is SO cute (and budget-friendly!).

4. How did you come up with branding for Somewhere, Lately?
We wanted our blog to be clean and simple enough that we wouldn’t feel like we wanted to update in in 6 months (because that can be expensive!). Black and white always looks clean – especially online, and we worked with our graphic designer to come up with the perfect concept. 2.5 years later we’re still really happy with it!

5. How did you know Somewhere, Lately was the right name?
We both had blogs before Somewhere, Lately and haaatttteeeddd the names we chose for them – you live and you learn! So when it came to choosing a name for our blog, we were very careful and thoughtful. We literally wrote down on notepads every single word and phrase we could come up with, and kept going…for about a week. While we knew our blog would primarily be about fashion, we didn’t want to limit the blog in terms of the name, so tried to stay away from anything “fashion, style, etc.” At the time there were a lot of blogs with two items in the name ____ & ____ so we didn’t want to do that either. We wanted something totally unique and after about a week we came up with Somewhere, Lately. The meaning (if you can call it that?) behind the name is that our posts can be about anything, anywhere, recently….somewhere, lately.

6. What are some shopping websites you like that aren’t mainstream (like Nordstrom, Shopbop) that have cool/unique clothes?
Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Revolve are our go-to stores and where we purchase most of our clothes, BUT we also love Aritzia (it’s sort of mainstream, but they carry some awesome smaller brands as well), AYR (great-fitting denim), ASOS, Nastygal, Singer22, Matches Fashion, Swell, Lulu’s and Net-A-Porter. We don’t think any of these are really “non-mainstream,” but you can find a lot of great pieces, and sales. Singer22 is cool because you can shop celebrity looks, which is fun and different than any other site we’ve been to. **We’ve ordered from all of these sites and have never had an issue

7. What are you favorite candies?
Brooke: Candy and soda are my weaknesses. It’s SO hard for me not to eat candy (I ate way too much Easter candy this year lol) if it’s in my house, so I try to keep it out as much as possible. My favorites are: Milk Duds, Kit Kat, Charleston Chews (never tried these until college and I’m obsessed now), Snickers, Sour Worms, Sour Dino Eggs (OMG these are the best and sometimes hard to find), Jolly Ranchers, Blow Pops, and Tootsie Pops. I also looooove the Brookside dark chocolate acai & blueberry. #someonegivemecandynow!
Meggan: Brooke and I always talk about how were addicted to sweets! I cannot keep them in the house or they’re gone in 30 seconds. The only thing I do buy are the Brookside dark chocolate acai & blueberry and I keep them in the freezer – so BOMB! But my favorites (this will be a long list) are: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Nerds, Nerd Ropes (lol!), chocolate covered gummy bears, Butterfingers, Milkyway’s, Sour Worms, Runts (ate these way too often when I was pregnant!), Pretzel M&M’s, Hot Tamales, and Wild Berry Skittles. OMG. Now I need candy (insert crying face here)

8. What books are you currently reading and recent favorite books you just read?
Meggan: A few of my recent favorites are Big Little Lies and Still Alice. I’m currently reading Broken Harbor which is a murder mystery.
Brooke: I finished The Girl on the Train in January (SO good, I read it in 2 days because I couldn’t put it down), also loved Big Little Lies, and started The Nightingale shortly after that (still reading this & love it). I just started The Power of I AM this week as well – I love motivational books, and scored this one for free at church on Easter! I’ll let you know what I think, but so far it’s great! 

9. Brooke, I’ve seen you wear the Cartier nail bracelet as well as the love bracelet on instagram. I’m planning to purchase one, but can’t decide between the two. My worry is that the pointy side on the nail bracelet will snag on clothes…any suggestions? 
I actually received the nail bracelet from Anarchy Street, so I can’t really compare the two since only my Love bracelet is Cartier. However, if I had to decide between the two, I would go for the Love. It’s their classic bracelet, it doesn’t snag on anything (you forget you’re even wearing it), and it’s never going to be out of style. The nail bracelet also has a hinge closure, making it more susceptible to damage/loosening of hinge, where the Love bracelet is literally screwed onto your wrist. I love the nail bangle also, but I just think the Love bracelet is a classic and if you’re going to splurge, it should be something you know you’ll love forever! Not sure where you live, but if you’re considering purchasing it in NY, the store on 5th Ave (across from Bergdorfs) has the best customer service! OR if you live in a state that doesn’t have Cartier, you should order it online because you won’t have to pay sales tax (just make sure you know your size)!

10. I’m looking for a bright, floral dress that will look good against a navy graduation gown. Any suggestions?
We’re obsessed with this one, and you could wear it all summer for any occasion ($356), we loooove the details and color of this one ($77), this one is so gorgeous and we’re in love with the halter & scoop back ($162), and this one is our favorite budget-friendly find ($30)!

11. I’m a teacher, and am constantly on my feet…any cute shoes that are also comfortable?
Flat espadrilles are a great option – they are so cute, perfect for spring, and comfortable! These are seriously cute, and we have a feeling your 1st graders would love them as well! We love love love these if you’re into oxfords – would be so cute with cropped slacks (skinny or culotte), pants, jeans (if you have any casual days), or midi skirts!

12. Do you use Pinterest to keep your followers engaged? How does Pinterest benefit your blog, if at all?
We are both Pinterest obsessed and like to follow all of you on Pinterest for inspiration! When we get new followers we try to follow back but sometimes it’s hard to keep track. It’s just another fun way to engage with you guys! Pinterest benefits our blog when our images get pinned that are linked to our posts. Follow us here!

13. What do you eat when your sweet tooth kicks in (not candy)?
Brooke: I have been obsessing over these frozen yogurt bars from Yasso – I swear they do not taste “healthy,” but they are – in terms of sweets/ice cream. My favorite is the sea salt caramel, OMMGG so good, and the coconut is a close 2nd!
Meggan: I also eat the Yasso bars – I’ve honestly tried every flavor and I love them all, lol! The mint chocolate chip and peanut butter cup are my favorite. And I love these banana oatmeal bites – you can add whatever you want to them but I like doing PB2 or dark chocolate chips!

14. Any chance Brooke can do a hair tutorial? I just cut my hair the same length and am having trouble styling it.
Yes, I’m so sorry I haven’t taken a video…truthfully it’s so intimidating. I feel like I don’t know where to begin! I’m going to try to take on this weekend, and if I can’t get it figured out I’ll try to do a photo tutorial explaining my process as best as I can! I use this curling wand and this flat iron (I only straighten the ends), please stay tuned! xx

15. Any cute/comfy gladiator sandals you would recommend for summer? I’m going to Vegas and want a pair for walking around.
We like pairs that aren’t too busy – too much going on can make your legs look wider or shorter then they really are. This pair by Matisse is super cute and this pair from Forever21 looks almost identical for half the price. A few other pairs we love are: thesethese, and these (under $100!). If you want to splurge, we say go for the Stuart Weitzman (here or here) – they have great reviews and the shoes we have of his are reliable and comfortable!

**As always, please email us for next week’s post with #coffeetalk in the subject (to make sure we don’t miss any questions), or leave them in the comments below! Happy weekend! xx