1. What are you favorite nude lipsticks?
Meggan: I have so many! Pure Zen is my most favorite, Bell De Jour, StockholmCreme D’Nude, and White Russian (pinkish nude gloss I like to put over lipstick).

Brooke: I have a ton I love as well…Cruising is one of my all-time faves, Amaretto Swirl, Velvet Teddy, and this liner in Toast with Creme Cup layered (this combo is seriously amazing for a pinky nude).

2. I’m looking for a black bandeau bikini – I really like the Marysia ones but don’t want to spend that much on a bikini!
We love those too but think this (looks just like it!), this, and this are equally as cute and all under $100!

3. Where are your full length mirrors from? I’m on the hunt for a good one!
Meggan: Mine are from Target (I don’t see them online) and I got them last summer. However, I’m totally loving this one from West Elm and this one from Target.
Brooke: Mine is this one from IKEA and I love it!

4. What is a cute outfit idea for a rainy day? Something that doesn’t include rain boots (I don’t have any).
A midi dress, sneakers, and light jacket (like this or this) would be perfect! Avoid open toe shoes and clothes that will drag in puddles. But if you’re looking for rain boots we like this pair (on sale!) and are swooning over these Saint Laurent’s 😉

5. Favorite sunglasses for summer?
Meggan: I love my flattops, these aviators (such a fun summer color!), and this retro pair.
Brooke: These aviators are a classic, and I just bought these and am obsessed. I can’t believe they are under $100!

6. I’ll be baptizing my daughter this summer, and am looking for a cute/appropriate dress for the occasion. 

This dress is beautiful and would be perfect for a baptism. We also love this one, this one, and this one.

7. What music do you listen to while working out? Any current favorite songs? 
Brooke: I listen to a mix of dance/house music and hip hop when I work out. Current favorite songs are: Drake ‘One Dance,’ The Chainsmokers ‘Don’t Let Me Down,’ Ariana Grande ‘Be Alright,’ and Beyonce ‘7/11.’ If I want house music, I turn on Calvin Harris radio on Apple Music.
Meggan: I usually just listen to Pandora – either Kanye West radio (lots of good throwbacks), Kaskade, or Hip Hop Bbq station…I love rap!

8. Any Father’s Day gift ideas in the $50-$150 range? The men in my life are outdoorsy/into sports.
This personalized pocket knife would be great for an outdoorsy/hunter guy, these headphones are seriously great (my husband has them and loves them), and you can never go wrong with pint glasses (tons of personalized options out there, or fave sports teams) with a case of their favorite beer!

9. Meggan, where is the black long sleeve lace-up dress from?
It’s from Ivyrevel (here) – it’s even better in person!

10. One of my best friends is getting married in a couple months and she is looking for silky robes for the bridesmaids to get ready in. Do you know of any budget friendly silk robes? 
There are tons of great color and personalization options are available here (great reviews also!). We also love these robes, they are so soft and available in many colors!

11. Both of your smoothies always look so good, can you recommend a protein powder for women trying to maintain a healthy weight (not into bodybuilding or heavy lifting).
Brooke: I use and love Isatenix Isalean protein powder. The taste is the best of any I’ve purchased, and most of the ingredients are organic.
Meggan: I’ve been using this whey protein powder for awhile now. I really like the taste and I definitely don’t think it makes me bulky!