1. I’ll be attending a baby shower (as a guest), and looking for dress suggestions. 

2. I’m heading to Riviera Maya and looking for easy breezy dress & cover-ups – fun, chic, and casual please!
For coverups, I love this one (could be either), this, this (in my cart!), and this. Some easy breezy dresses I’m swooning over are this (loooove!), thisthis, and this. I have this one and just ordered this off the shoulder!

3. I’m attending a black tie wedding in the fall, and am looking for a floor-length, plain dress…suggestions? 
We can’t recommend Rent the Runway enough for black tie events…because you can wear designer dresses for less than you’d pay for a non-designer, and you’re probably not going to be wearing it often. It’s worth it in our book! We love this one, this one, and this one. But if you want to purchase a dress this one (under $60!) is great and comes in 4 colors, and we love this one as well!

4. I saw on snap that you have botox pads, and made me wonder if you’ve had botox? I’ve been debating it for months now, and can’t seem to take the plunge. Thanks for your advice! 
Yes! See question number 12 from this post. xx

5. What fashion and lifestyle blogs do you follow/check regularly?
We have a long list! We love Lunchpails & Lipstick, Thrifts and ThreadsThe Skinny Confidential, Scout The CityLittle Blonde Book, Amber Interiors, Convey The Moment, Cella Jane, Lovely LucianoPursuit of Shoes, Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers, Sincerely JulesLittle Green NotebookThe Honeybee, Becki Owens, and Elements of Style. Please let us know who your faves are!

6. My best friend is turning 30 this month and I need some gift ideas under $100. Any suggestions?
A gift card to spend the day at the spa together or for a mani/pedi, personalized jewelry, Barefoot Dreams robe (we both have and love!), her favorite wine with monogrammed glasses, art work, or something cute for her home – we love Lulu & Georgia.

7. Brooke – do you like living in the city or the suburbs better? 
With where I’m at in my life…suburbs for sure! I love the city, but would only move back to one neighborhood – TriBeca. Don’t get me wrong, I loooove the city…but living there with kids is h-a-r-d, even though a lot of people do it! There’s not a lot of space, the parks are always crowded, and tons of people always out and about. That being said, TriBeca is a more laid-back and not as many people on the streets making it more family friendly. But…we’re redoing our home now, so suburbs it is! 😉

8. Any tips and tricks on how to be a put together mama? Pre-baby I told myself I would always make sure I looked put together and not “let myself go”…but now that the baby is here, I realize it’s a lot easier said than done!
Sounds a lot like us! We are not always “put together” – we constantly text about how we’re back in our comfies at 2pm 😉 But now that were mommies it’s all about quick and easy when getting ready and being comfy. Can you take 5 minutes in the AM to swipe some mascara and foundation on? That can make all the difference! It’s hard to not want to stay in sweats all day but changing into jeans and a tee makes you feel like a real human again or a comfy dress! Sometimes I have to force myself to do that. Not sure if you belong to a gym but mine has a daycare which is SO nice. Even if I don’t feel like working outs it’s nice to unwind on the treadmill and sit in the sauna for an hour or two. Alone time is super important. Have your hubby watch the babe and go get your nails done or get drinks with a friend. Don’t be hard on yourself, being a momma is a lot of work! Most days my hair is in a bun 😉

9. I am coming up on my one year wedding anniversary and my husband is not giving me any gift ideas. He has everything he wants so I am stumped! Brooke, what did you do and do either of you have any suggestions?
Guys can be so difficult to shop for, especially for an anniversary. Anniversary number one is supposed to be ‘paper,’ so I had photos printed from our wedding and created a gallery wall in our dining room (see it HERE) to surprise my husband with. He loves thoughtful gifts, so I typically do framed photos, or a photobook (I use Apple, but have used Shutterfly in the past as well), and he loves that. He hired a private chef to come over to our house and make a super fancy dinner for our first anniversary which I thought was a great idea as well – nothing like fine dining in your sweats ;).

10. I am expecting a baby in September and have a few professional events to attend this summer.  Any ideas for a few basic pieces that can be rotated to achieve an effortless professional look? 
Tons of great maternity options that are professional and versatile HERE. A few of our favorite pieces are this dress, these cropped pants, this top, and this blouse.

11. I have trouble finding a jumpsuit for my body type (tall and skinny). Every time I try on a jumpsuit or romper, it never looks right…suggestions? 
Tall and skinny sounds like the perfect body type for rompers and jumpsuits, maybe you need to just go for it! Try a jumpsuit with cropped pants like this one to be sure the pants won’t be too short. We love this romper and the shorts a bit longer – great for long legs. A few more we love here, here, and here.

12. I have my bachelorette party coming up and my friends would like me to wear white out one night. I am struggling to find a good dress – looking for something super fun but not over the top or skin tight. Please help!
This dress is super cute and not too short or tight – perfect for a post-baby body, we also love this one, this one (under $50!), and this one (our fave)!

13. Can you girls recommend some cute white tops? Preferably with sleeves (short sleeves).
I just added this one to my cart, also love this, this, and this