Happy FriYAY babes! Thanks for all of your #coffeetalk questions this week, as always leave your questions in the comments below for next week’s post, or email us with #COFFEETALK in the subject (that way it won’t get lost in our emails). Have a fab weekend! xx

1. I have a white party coming up, any suggestions for affordable outfits?

This lace romper is so cute and only $25, this dress is a show-stopper, and this one is a bit more casual than the other two options, but we love the details.

2. What nail polish do you always have on in your recent snaps and what are some of your favorite colors?
I (Meggan) have on OPI – Alpine Snow on and Brooke has on Peak Show. We did a post with our top 10 favorite colors here!

3. I’d love to find some pretty lingerie for my body type – tall, thin, and small chested. I have a hard time finding lingerie that fits my chest but doesn’t make me feel boyish.
This lace-up teddy would be so cute – the model has a small chest and it looks great on her! We also love this chemise because it’s not focused on the chest.

4. I am getting married this fall and have a number of showers, engagement parties, and my bachelorette party happening this summer. Any suggestions for cute white dresses for these occasions? 
We are obsessed with this dress – it’s seriously stunning, this would be super cute for your bachelorette (and is on sale for under $50!), and we also love this onethis one and this one!

5. I am 4 months postpartum and weight is not coming off like I had hoped. I have two weddings coming up, and have no idea what I’m going to wear. Also, any suggestions for home workouts/diet? 
Here are a few dresses that are flattering postpartum: one, two, and three. We always recommend spanx as well, especially if you’re feeling frustrated with your post-baby body. We totally understand how you feel, but try not to be too hard on yourself, you created and housed a human for 9 months – that’s amazing!
I (Brooke) have been doing BBG for the past 10 weeks – I purchased the eBook, and it can be done entirely from home. I highly HIGHLY recommend it – I have seen great results (see some amazing before/afters on Kayla’s instagram page), and don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. After I saw this instagram account, I realized it really can be done all from your home – this girl does her workouts in a very small space and she’s on week 28! If you don’t have all the equipment, and can’t spend money on those things right now you can always modify the workouts a bit and use what you’ve got (water bottles for weights, chairs for step-ups, etc). In terms of diet, we try to eat pretty clean 80% of the time – lean proteins (chicken, turkey), veggies (as many as you can eat), carbs (brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato), and fruit. We try to snap a lot of what we eat, and we are also working on our “weekly diet” post to share with you next week!

6. Question for you both how the heck do you keep all of your clothes, shoes and accessories organized.  I feel like I just can’t find a place for everything and a way to keep it tidy.  
Brooke: I don’t! Uhg – I’m so bad at this, but I think the key is to declutter, I’m currently going through my closet and getting rid of so many pieces I’ve been holding onto. Once everything is decluttered, it will be easier to find a “home” for everything.
Meggan: I’m no help here…my closet is laughable! It’s sooo small which makes it hard to keep organized. Shoes are stuffed under the bed and on random shelves, workout leggings are mixed in with jeans, Kyle’s clothes are hanging with mine – I could go on and on lol! I even have clothes in Camden’s room. One thing I do that keeps me semi-organized is store my off-season clothes in bins…but that’s about it 😉 Can you tell I’m ready to be in a house?!

7. Can you recommend a few breastfeeding friendly formal dresses for a wedding? Keeping in mind I will likely be wearing baby in a sling, so the dress with have to be pretty simple.
A wrap dress would be a great option for easy access, and strapless (if it’s do-able while baby wearing) would be another option as well!

8. I’m looking to update my wardrobe and create more of a capsule wardrobe with fewer pieces in order to emphasize quality over quantity. Any pieces you recommend for starting a capsule wardrobe?
A capsule wardrobe is all about buying & wearing staple pieces you can mix + match, and wear often. A few key pieces (in our opinion) are: a white, grey, and black tee, a leather jacket, a denim jacket (on sale!), a chambray shirt, a great pair of jeans, black jeans, a black dress, an easy cardigan, and a utility jacket (my favorite, currently on sale!).

9. Do either of you have Tieks? Are they worth it?
We don’t have any, but we feel like everyone who has a pair is obsessed with them!

10. What blenders do you ladies use for your protein shakes? Are they worth the money? Which ones would you recommend? 
Meggan: I have the Nutribullet Pro and love it! It’s not a full on blender but it is perfect for smoothies. Super easy to use and clean!
Brooke: I have a Vitamix, and would recommend it to anyone! They are definitely a splurge (especially for a blender!), but I’ve talked to people who have used theirs daily for 20+ years and they still love it. I think they are definitely worth it…buy once, cry once type of a purchase. I purchased a cheapy travel blender recently for our trip and it was really sad…skip the super cheap ones! I’ve heard good things about the Ninja blenders and you can get them for a decent price!

11. What are your coffee orders? Do you splurge, or do you have any tricks to keep the calories down when you’re ordering? 
Brooke: At Starbucks, I order a grande nonfat vanilla latte with 1/2 the vanilla to keep the sugar down (a grande with 1/2 vanilla is 2 pumps instead of 4). This comes in at 200 calories, so I try not to do it very often, but it’s not the end of the world. At Dunkin Donuts I order a medium coffee with skim milk and skip the sugar altogether. This is only about 25-30 calories depending ofn how much milk they add. I think their coffee is seriously good! I’m trying to cut as much sugar as I can right now, but it’s difficult! Luckily, I’m not a fan of super sweet coffee drinks or any of the fancy ones with tons of whip…I would just stay as far away from those as possible. Mochas have about 500 calories, and frappuccinos have 600 or more – that’s insane!
Meggan: I drink black coffee or a grande soy latte! I don’t really like sugary drinks and like to save my calories for other things like dessert! 😉

12. Brooke – any recommendations on where to stay in NYC that is near Central Park? 
There are so many great hotel options close to Central Park, my recommendation would be to decide on your budget and also check Trip Advisor for reviews/photos. Some hotels that I’ve been to and would recommend are The Plaza (literally right next to CP), The Palace, Hudson Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, and I’ve also seen a few Marriotts close to Central Park but have never been there, but I’m sure they are nice as well! Hope that helps! xx

13. Do you ladies drink your coffee with your morning protein shake?
Both of us have our shake first, then drink coffee after. It’s best to have breakfast within 1 hour of waking up, so that’s what we try to do. We also saw recently it’s not best (for health) to drink coffee on an empty stomach, so that’s another reason to eat first!