Our Mother’s Day Beauty Favorites
Mother’s Day is this weekend (how is that even possible?) and we’ve rounded up our favorite beauty gifts complete with mini tutorials for you today! You know we’re obsessed with all things beauty, and makeup + hair products are some of our favorite gifts to give and receive. Everyone (especially mamas) loves great beauty products, but may not always want to spend the extra money on them. Gifts that fall into that category are always the best in our opinion – it’s something that will always be used, appreciated, and extra special because it was a gift! 
….and sometimes you have to treat yo’ self! I picked up a few new tools at Ulta that I desperately needed (and wanted) as a Mother’s Day gift to myself. I had (seriously) been eyeing this hair dryer for a couple years, and finally decided to try it…whyyyy did I wait so long?! This is the best hair dryer ever! My hair is usually pretty frizzy after I dry it, but it’s so much smoother with this dryer (and round brush combo), which makes curling my hair so much easier! Here are the products I used to get my waves (which I will be wearing for Mother’s Day brunch), along with a little tutorial. 
When my hair is still damp, I apply this cream (nickel size amount) and brush through to make sure it’s evenly distributed with this brush – trust me, you need this brush! I have also given it to a few of my mama friends, it honestly slides right through any tangles! I rough dry my whole head (without using a brush, simply dry your hair until it’s about 90% dry), then I put it half up and grab my round brush. I finish drying using the round brush to smooth out the hair, really focusing on the ends – I normally have to straighten my ends before curling, but with my new dryer I didn’t have to. 
Starting at the front of my hair, I hold the curling stick pointing down and wrap my hair away from my face around the barrel. My hair doesn’t hold curl very well, so I leave it for about 10 seconds, but you can adjust that time depending on your hair. I continue curling this same way around my entire head, always make sure the curling stick is pointed down. 
*If you’re new to this technique, I would recommend sectioning your hair before you start curling. 
After my whole head is curled, I pull on the ends to loosen the curls a bit and spray with this (my favorite)!
That’s it! I promise it’s super simple, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes. If you’ve never used a curling stick, it will take some getting used to, but I think it’s even easier than using a regular curling iron now. 
I’ve always struggled with figuring out the whole contour thing. This kit has been a game changer! It’s so easy to use and you have so many different shades to play around with. The pigment is great and it blends well. 
This glow kit is on my must-have list. The colors are pigmented and don’t leave your skin looking glittery.
I always do my makeup in our living room – the lighting is soo much better!
Sweep on your cheekbones, top of browbones, eyelids, and the corners of your eye for a gorgeous glow.
What mom doesn’t need lip balm? I have at least 20 floating around between my car, purse and diaper bag! This is a favorite of mine and Brooke’s and think it any mom would love getting it!
I’m kind of a lipgloss/lipstick hoarder. I keep these two glosses on heavy rotation. The butter gloss is creamy (color: tres leches) and the matte cream (color: stockholm) is long lasting. The price point makes it hard not to buy every color 😉
Perfume is another great gift for Mother’s Day, and right now if you purchase any fragrance ($40 or more), you get a free spring tote! Here are a few more items on our Mother’s Day wishlist:

Thank you to Ulta for partnering for this post!