Weekend Deals
This dress is perfect for summer – appropriate for any occasion and under $60, I’m wearing a M. 
If you have blonde hair or highlights and don’t want them to get brassy, you need THIS shampoo…thanks snapchat fam for the recommendation! I’m obsessed and just found it on sale for $20 off! The conditioner is also $20 off! You won’t regret it…no more brassy hair! 
Just got these sneakers in the mail and I’m in looooovvveee!
These pants are amaze (with reviews to match!)…love the entire minimalist look going on here!

Love the chunky wood heels on these lace-up sandals (they come in black & tan)! 

This body suit would be so cute for girl’s night or date night – pair it with black skinny jeans and simple black sandals for a fun, sexy, effortless look!

I have to admit…I think I like these sneakers (on sale for under $50!) a tiny bit better than my Stan Smith’s – they are a bit more streamlined and more flattering in the toe…but I love both (obviously!).

Memorial day sale at Revolve! Love this dress, this coat, and this suit!

I have the heeled version of these sandals and love them – so comfortable and I’m sure the flats are even more comfy!

How cute would these tanks be for a bachelorette party? Love!

Love this high waisted floral skirt…so cute with a crop top for summer!