Camden is One!
How is my baby already one?! Time is really flying and I wish it would slow down. We had a little birthday for him last weekend with some of Kyle’s side and are having another one next weekend at my parents in Iowa. He was so scared of the cake and wouldn’t even touch it! He had some cake at his cousins birthday party a few months ago (and loved it!) so I was shocked he didn’t dig in. 
21 lbs

29 inches

Bottom two

Silliest thing he does?
Shaking his head ‘no’. He thinks it’s soooo funny! We will say “Camden say no” and he shakes and shakes and shakes and dies of laughter! He is is also obsesssssed with dogs – every time he see’s one on tv or on walks he goes crazy. I just got him this book and he is in love. We read it 10+ times a day.
Favorite foods?
He hasn’t turned down any food we’ve given him (yay!) but his most favorites are blueberries, yogurt, rotisserie chicken, cantaloup, black bean burgers, steamed veggies, fish, quinoa, puffs…the list could go on and on. He would eat anything under the sun…obviously my kid 😉 Lately he has been storing food in his cheeks. One day my mom gave him eggs for breakfast and about 2 hours later he sneezed and eggs flew everywhere lol!
He’s most happy when?
He’s in the bathtub! When he was colic, baths were my saving grace and was the only thing that made him calm down. Lucky for him, both of his grandparents have pools – I have a feeling he’s going to be a water baby!
Is mommy or daddy the ‘favorite’?
I think daddy takes the cake on this one. He can make him laugh so hard by doing the dumbest things but if I try to do it he stares at me like I’m a crazy lady. I love when Kyle gets home from work because Camden goes wild! Any other mommies relate?!

Sweetest thing he does?
When he’s sleepy, I put his lovie on my shoulder and he nuzzles his face right into my neck and wraps his arms around my shoulders. Putting him down for a nap and bedtime is my favorite because of how cuddly he is. He never likes to cuddle so I soak that up!! He also crosses his little legs every time he sits in the highchair, stroller, carseat, etc. It’s so stinkin’ cute!

Favorite memories of his first year?
Going to Turks & Caicos when he was 2 weeks old (WTF was I thinking lol! Amazing 1st trip though), first smiles, him peeing and pooping on us the first night he was born (we we’re like omggggg what are we doing?!), giving him pizza for the first time (he was hyperventilating he was so excited), his 48 flights (A-List status!), his cute fedora he wore in Cabo (such a hit at the pool), and holiday’s. Holiday’s are so much sweeter with littles 🙂

Favorite part about this age?
My favorite part about this age is his curiosity! He gets into everything and is so interested in what we’re doing. It’s definitely tiring chasing him around all day but its fun to see him learn and catch onto things. He wants to get into all the cupboards, closets, and drawers.

Biggest surprise about being a mom?
How much work it is. I appreciate my parents so much more 😉

Happy birthday Camden! I love you more then anything! xx