1. What are some design tips for a kitchen remodel? Process, things you learned, etc.

I will definitely be elaborating more on this later when our kitchen is complete…but all I can say is expect the unexpected! We’ve had so many things not go as planned, and you just kind of have to roll with it and figure out the best possible solution. Things I’ve learned – always have the contractors double or triple check the measurements, everything will probably not be exactly as you want it (or had hoped it would be), expect delays, and expect to change your mind quite a few times (unless you are using a designer) lol!

2. Do you ladies have any suggestions for carry-on luggage? I’m going on a girls trip for five days and I would like to forego the checkin process!
Both of us have (and are obsessed with) carry-on suitcases from CalPak. Their luggage is affordable, hard-sided, good looking, and great quality! We definitely recommend it! We also love this one, and this one (if you’re looking to splurge!).

3. I have a wedding in Cape Cod and the rehearsal dinner is nautical themed. Any suggestions for an appropriate dress (preferably a maxi) that I’d wear again?
This halter maxi is cute (and something we would wear again and again!), this Madewell dress is cute (love these wedges with it), this one is pretty and on sale!

4. How did you both deal with living in an apartment with littles? We live in NYC with a 2-year-old and another on the way. We can’t decide if it’s time to move to the burbs!
Brooke: It was hard for us because we moved from Orange County (CA) to NYC with a toddler. We considered staying in the city once we knew we wanted to have another baby, but we ultimately decided we needed to get out of there! Even the parks by our apartment were always super busy, it’s like you never had your own space which was something we really missed (also rolling the stroller through hot dog poop left on the sidewalks in the summer was really a joy lol). If you aren’t sure, maybe try visiting the suburbs to see what life would be like to make your decision. We live close to the city, so we go every weekend as a family and think it’s the best of both worlds. We go to the city when we want, but we can get out quickly ;).
Meggan: We are still in an apartment and it’s starting to feel very a little cramped. I try to limit the amount of toys he gets since we are running out of room (he’d rather play with tupperware anyway!) and stay as organized as possible. It was a lot easier to live there when he was a newborn but now we’re starting to feel the same…we want space SO bad! I love that there’s so much to do in the city but I am starting to get tired of the hassle of getting places with a baby. We will most likely be moving soon 😉

5. What are some good body lotions?
Meggan: I use Cetaphil daily and Jergens Natural Glow every other day. If you are looking for a self tanner, I actually really like the Jergens. It gives a nice glow, easy to use and the smell is bearable.
Brooke: My favorite favorite for dry skin (like mine) is this one, it’s seriously hydrating and so thick! I also love this one from Bliss!

6. What is a great gift to give to the Mother of Bride and Groom? My mom (MOB) loves fine jewelry and so does my fiancés mom but my budget is $150 each!
There are actually some amazing options for fine jewelry under $150 HERE. I bought this bracelet for my mom last year, and it’s currently on sale for $119 (down from $200!). If you wanted to do something a little different, these jewelry trays are gorgeous and would be such a cute gift! We also love the idea of a new perfume (such a great scent!) for the day of the wedding – every time they would use it, they would be reminded of your special day!

7. Any outfit suggestions for a Miami girls trip?
One of our favorites cities! For casual daytime we love this colorful romper and this maxi to run around in. If you’re hitting up pool parties we LOVE this one-piece (hawt hawt hawt!) and this coverup. For going out we like this red off-the-shoulder dress, this jumpsuit and this two-piece dress. It’s fun to dress a little sexy and wear things you normally wouldn’t while you’re in Miami!

8. Do you prefer Nordstrom over Sephora/Ulta for beauty products or does Nordstrom usually have better deals?
Meggan: I usually get my beauty products from Nordstrom for a few reasons: customer service (can bring products back if you don’t love them), free shipping and I get reward points for using my Nordstrom card. However, I do love Sephora and Ulta and go there for products/brands that Nordstrom doesn’t carry. I feel like Ulta has some pretty amazing online deals!
Brooke: I don’t really prefer one over the other because I’ve never had a bad experience at any of these stores. Nordstrom has the best customer service in the industry (IMO), but they don’t carry everything that Sephora & Ulta do. For example, I buy acne pads at Nordstromshampoo/conditioner at Ulta, and this mask & concealer (I wear #5) at Sephora. It just depends which store I’m at and what I need. 

9. Trying to get a few ideas of what to wear for Eid (kind of like Christmas for Arabs) this year. Looking for a conservative knee length dress or jumpsuit preferably under $100.
This dress is conservative and super cute (love the blush), this jumpsuit, this long-sleeve nude dress and this peplum dress.

10. Do either of you use any body scrubs?
We both have this one from Scrub Love! It smells SO good and really exfoliates your skin. Dying to try the coconut affair and mint temptation!

Email your questions for next week to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com or comment below. Happy Friday babes! xx