1. What are your favorite scents/perfumes?
Meggan: I wear Chloe and loveee it! It’s not overpowering and very feminine. 

Brooke: My two all-time favorites are this one from Joe Malone (check out all the great reviews!) and this one from Diptyque. I bought this roller ball from Balenciaga before we went to Napa (great for travel), and am obsessed! Definitely going to purchase the full size bottle!

2. Do you think wearing a matching two piece outfit (crop top & skirt) is too risqué for a summer wedding? If not, do you have any that you’ve seen and would recommend?
It depends on the wedding as well as the two piece outfit! However, if you feel the venue and wedding (and bride/groom) would be fine with it, we say go for it! Just try to stay away from any that are too tight, short, or have a super high cut crop top! We think this one would be great because it’s more conservative but you can still tell it’s two pieces, I have this one and love it, and we also love this two-piece dress if you want something a bit ‘more’!

3. Meggan, outfit details from snapchat last night? 
coat (similar option here) | jeans | wedges | tank | bag

4. I want to start my own blog, but am so nervous – my insecurities are getting in the way. What was the deciding factor for you both to pull the trigger and start your blog? How have you been able to make it into such a huge success?
We both had separate blogs before coming together to start Somewhere, Lately. We kind of wanted a ‘fresh start,’ and decided to join forces to start this blog. If you’re nervous to start a blog…we always tell people GO FOR IT! There’s really no pressure – if it doesn’t work out or you don’t enjoy it, you can just stop blogging! If it doesn’t scare you a little, it’s not worth doing! When we started, we never really imagined it would turn into our “full time jobs,” but we had talked about how great it would be if we could do that one day. We set goals regularly, and work a LOT (a lot of people think it’s super simple to just slap a blog post together, but when it becomes your “job,” it’s never-ending). We’re answering emails 24/7, going over contracts, meeting with brands, scheduling, shooting, editing, writing. It really does take a lot of time, BUT that’s the great part about blogging – you can determine how much time you spend on it. We spent a lot less time on our first blogs than we do on Somewhere, Lately. It takes time, but if you work hard and stay consistent, it will grow!

5. Meggan- I’d love to know where you went wedding dress shopping in Chicago and how you liked each shop. I live in Chicago as well and need to make some bridal dress appointments for myself this summer! Thanks! 
So far I’ve only been to Dimitra’s and just thought it was okay. I wasn’t loving the dresses that were in my price range and of course fell in love with one way over my budget. I’m going to Ultimate Bride in a couple weeks and the Nordstrom wedding suite. I would love to hear where you ladies looked in Chicago!? 

6. My niece is turning 1 and having a HUGE Korean birthday party. Which is a big deal in their culture. Suggestions on what do give a 1 year old?
Fun! My son just turned one this week and I was kind of stumped when my family was asking what to get him. A few things he got and loves are a water table, bubble machine, band set, mini drum, and lots of books. Anything to keep them busy 😉 I just saw this personalized blanket and think it’s so cute and would be a great gift idea!

7. I am looking for a navy crop top with a navy skirt to wear for a wedding rehearsal dinner. Any ideas?  Thanks!
This crop top & skirt are super cute and flattering, and we also love this one if you’re open to print! This top & skirt combo might be our favorite in navy – soooo good!

8. My birthday is coming up, and I’m pretty stumped on birthday gift ideas. I like memorable gifts that I can reach for often (Hermes enamel bracelets, Celine sunglasses, All Saints leather jacket, diamond eternity bands….etc) But I want to keep it under $300 this year, any ideas? Love you guys!
Thanks so much hun for the sweet words! We are with you – memorable gifts are the best kind ;). Some of our favorites under $300 are…this necklace with birthstone (kind of obsessed), this ring (gold & diamonds under $300!), and this Givenchy bracelet (just went 50% OFF!).

9. Does your fiancé/husband ever get frustrated with all the packages I am sure you receive? My boyfriend tells me I shop too much and am getting too many packages. I may or may not have had to start shipping some to my parents house so he wouldn’t freak. #addicted
Luckily for us, they don’t get frustrated with the packages. We do get a lot of things sent to us from brands, so most of the time they don’t know what we purchased vs. what we were sent. As we mentioned above, blogging is now our business, so they understand that shopping comes with the territory. We don’t go overboard, and both of us have budgeting conversations with our guys on the regular so everyone is always on the same page. I (Brooke) will say that when we were first married, shopping WAS an argument (before the blog) – it was difficult to merge bank accounts when we were used to only worrying about ourselves and our personal finances. We quickly realized we had to figure out a method that worked for us…so we sat down, whipped out the Excel (he, not me lol), and created a budget so that we both knew what money was going where. I really think communication is key! If your boyfriend is getting frustrated, and you feel like it’s something that could escalate, you should really just sit down and have the conversation – it can be tough, but it’s worth it!

10. I think you did a post about conservative wedding guest dresses…how about sexy wedding guest dresses?!
Love the cut out on this dress, the sheer top on this dress is super sexy, this off the shoulder is perfect, and this deep V dress is gorgeous! Also some good options in question seven above!

11. Best bakery in Chicago for a birthday cake?
I love Sweet Mandy B’s in Lincoln Park (I used to nanny right next to it and stopped in wayyyy to often!) and Mariano’s actually makes really good cakes. I got Camden some goodies from there for his birthday.

Thanks so much for all the questions! As always you can email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or leave them in the comment section below! Xx