1. What do you two think about the choker trend that seemed to make it’s way back into style?

Brooke: I like it, it’s fun and trends shouldn’t be taken too seriously. My take on trends is, if you like it, hop on the bandwagon and if you don’t, just don’t worry about it…the trend will be over soon enough! Some chokers are better than others (IMO), and I would wear this one, this one, and this one.
Meggan: I don’t have any chokers but I like them on certain people! I keep adding them to my cart and then end up removing them last second.

2. I’m in the market for a new designer bag and a lot of the ones I’m eying have gold hardware. I primarily wear silver jewelry (wedding ring/band, watch, studs) – what are your thoughts on handbag hardware and jewelry? Do they need to match?
Definitely not – we love mixing metals in fashion and interior design! It’s more interesting (we think) to have mixed metals than for everything to be exactly the same! Both of us wear gold and silver jewelry together, as well as mix the metals on our bags – go for it and buy whichever bag is your absolute favorite regardless of the hardware!

3. I’m looking for a new affordable watch. I’ve had my eye on Daniel Wellington but wanted know if you have any other suggestions with that similar style?
We both have Daniel Wellington watches (this style) and really love it. A few more simple + affordable ones we love are this one, this one (obsessed with the color and only $40!), and this one

4. Any suggestions for a billfold or card case under $100? Preferably something without a zipper!
We’re obsessed with the pebbled leather on this one (it comes in 3 colors), this one is super cute, and we love the camel color of this one!

5. Do you have any affordable recommendations for bridal shower and bachelorette party outfits? I’d love a jumpsuit or dress I can wear again.
This dress and this dress are gorgeous for a bachelorette party! For a bridal shower we like this jumpsuit, this dress, and this dress.

6. Do you have any cute baby shower gift ideas? It’s a casual dinner with a small group of girlfriends and her baby is a girl!
Some of our favorite gifts we received were these sleepers (they are a bit more expensive, so they are a great gift because most moms don’t want to spend a lot on sleepers, but these are SO soft!), these boots for winter (the best for little feet),  this blanket (Avery is obsessed with this blanket & won’t sleep without it), and books instead of cards – it’s so fun to open a book before bedtime and read the note from a friend! These headbands are always great gifts for girls, they are my favorite and come in so many colors!

7. What are you favorite iphone cases?
Brooke: My all time favorite cases are always by Sonix – they protect your phone so well and they have the best designs!
Meggan: I like this pineapple case, marble case (have and love!), and this flower case.

8. Brooke – were did you get your eucalyptus branches in your bathroom? Love!
They are from Michael’s craft store (fake!), but I loooove real ones, and plan to replace them with real ones whenever I remember to buy them! I’ve seen the real branches at TJ’s and Whole Foods!

9. Summer is here and having to shave every single day drives me nuts, I like fall when you can go every few days. Do either of you do laser on your legs? Or any tips or tricks on making your shave last longer, if that is even a thing? Ha!
Neither of us have done laser, but it seems like it would be a dream not to have to shave your legs ever again, we are right there with you! ;) Sadly, we don’t have any tips or tricks on making a shave last longer…BUT if you try shaving every other day or every 3 days (depending on how quickly your hair grows), we have noticed it tends to grow slower…maybe it’s our imagination but it’s what works for us!

10. Have either of you tried freezer cooking? If so, what are some recipes you’ve made?
Brooke: I always say I’m going to, and never end up doing it haha! There are TONS of great ideas here.
Meggan: I haven’t either but told myself I was going to prep a bunch before I had Camden so I didn’t have to worry about cooking!

11. I’m having the most difficult time finding a pair of cute, budget friendly wedding heels that aren’t more than 4″ tall. I’m looking for nude or blush, please help! 

We both have these – they are super simple, affordable, and easy to walk in! If you’re looking for something fancier, these just went on sale and are beautiful. If you’d consider wedges, this pair is gorg!

12. Why do you prefer high end designer bags? is there really a difference in quality or is it just preference? What differences have you noticed between Céline, Gucci, and YSL vs Rebecca Minkoff, MK, etc? 
Both of us have (and use) high end designer as well as more affordable bags. It’s not that one is necessarily “better” than the other…both of us love fashion, so we do love bags like YSL, Gucci, and Céline, but we also wouldn’t NOT buy or carry a bag just because it wasn’t high end. We also love (and wear) Rebecca Minkoff, Louise et Cie, Loeffler Randall, French Connection, Matt & Nat, and MZ Wallace bags which are more affordable than high-end designers, but still amazing quality!

13. How do you go about finding contractors for your renovations? What should someone expect to pay for a quality bathroom remodel? Are there key questions you ask?
We searched for about a year (seriously) before we decided to work with Lowe’s on all of our home renovations. We met with independent contractors, contracting companies, kitchen & bath designers who had their own contractors, and in the end decided to work with Lowe’s because they guarantee the work of their contractors 100% (aka if anything goes wrong, they will fix it for free), and I’ve heard too many horror stories of people having to shill out wayyy more $$ than originally agreed upon when problems start popping up, and contractors who just decide not to show up to do work (and there’s really nothing you can do). We have had a few snags, but Lowe’s has been on top of everything 100%, I would honestly recommend them to anyone! Also – don’t be discouraged if you can’t find the materials you were looking for, they can order almost anything. As far as cost of a bathroom remodel, it totally depends on: where you live, what materials you’re using, and the scope of the work (complete gut job vs replacing items), you can see estimates here. Some questions to ask are:
– Is there a possibility of extra costs? If so, what for?
– Will you be here every day (the general contractor), or will it be someone else?
– What is the timeline?
– How will you protect the areas that aren’t having work done? (tarp, seal rooms off, etc)
– How can we reach you/communicate? (text, call, email)

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