1. What are some places online and in the NY area to find affordable, but fashionable work clothes? Pretty dressy but no suits!

We love LOFT for affordable, trendy (but not too trendy where your boss is giving you the side eye lol), and cute work clothes. They are always having sales, so wait for a sale to buy! When I worked in an office, I found a lot of amazing deals at Nordstrom Rack. My favorite pants were Theory I found on clearance. Banana Republic is also a great spot for work clothes! Unless you’re buying a staple piece, we would suggest never paying full price for work clothes.

2. Best lace-up sandals for summer?
Favorite flats are these and these (both under $50!) and heels that are on our radar are thesethese (more sizes here), and these.

3. You girls both have such beautiful homes from what I’ve seen on snapchat! Any particular designers/magazines/insta accounts you get inspiration from?
Thank you! We love Amber Interiors, Becki Owens, E Interiors, Little Green Notebook, Elements of Style, Studio McGee, Homepolish, Savvy Home, Elle Decor magazine, MyDomaine, and of course Pinterest.

4. My family and I are visiting Chicago next week and was wondering if you have any restaurant recommendations we could not miss? We definitely want to try some deep dish!
I love Lou Malnati’s deep dish (and the Lou salad is the besttttt!), Little Goat, Sunda, Green Street Smoked Meats, Mercadito, Beatrix, and Pump Room. I’m sure there are so many new ones but I don’t get out as much now that I have a baby 😉 Have fun!

5. Where are the camo running shoes from on snapchat?
They are Nike and can be found here – they are super comfortable and cute. 😉

6. Did you finish all of BBG? What were your thoughts? Are you going to do BBG 2.0 or do something else? I am loving the results but feeling burnt out!
I (Brooke) am doing BBG. I had to put it on pause because I got shingles, but am on week 11 and starting there again next week. I love it because it’s quick, it can be done anywhere, and I have seen great results. I’m planning on doing BBG 2.0, yes! If you’re feeling burt out, maybe give your body a rest for a week or two, and try starting back up again! I think when it comes to health/fitness, it’s definitely not a one size fits all…you have to find what works for you!

7. Meggan, where is your black tank from that you wore to the Beyonce concert?
It’s actually a bodysuit from Topshop (here) and I got a size 4!

8. My engagement party is in a few weeks (end of June) and I am looking for a dress to wear! Any suggestions?
So fun, congrats! We love this (so many color options), this, this, and this. For shoes you could do something fun like this or this, or keep it simple in a classic nude heel.

9. What’s a good for your skin, non-expensive body wash?
We like Aveeno, Cetaphil, and Bliss body wash – we have sensitive skin and all of these products have worked well for us!

10. Do you guys get gel manicures or do them yourselves? If you get them done, do you bring in the color you want to the salon (what are your favorite colors)?
We get gel manicures and typically use the polish at the salon – both of our salons have a great color selection. It’s so hard to go back to regular polish once you start getting gel manicures! All of our favorites are listed on this post!

11. Meggan, I know you’re getting married soon and wondering if you and your fiancé took engagement photos? If not why and if you did, can you share tips, outfit suggestions? Brooke did you take engagement photos?
We’re actually taking them in a couple weekends! I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to wear yet (I need to start seriously looking!!), and so far I’ve only ordered this dress and plan to keep it pretty simple. As for tips we say keep the outfits simple. When there are too many patterns or colors the pictures can easily look dated or busy. Brooke took engagement pictures and wore something similar to this dress.

12. How often do each of you wash your hair and what shampoo do you use?
Meggan: It depends on how sweaty I get at the gym but usually 2-3 times a week. I alternate between Biolage Hydrasource and Kenra Revive shampoo. I just got this Kerastase one that I’m super excited to try! I need hydrating shampoos because I put a lot of heat on my hair even though I try to avoid it!
Brooke: I wash my hair 2-3 times a week as well, and use THIS purple shampoo and THIS conditioner which is so amazing for highlighted or blonde hair – it cancels out brassiness! Thanks to our snapchat fam for the recommendation!

13. What are some of your favorite healthy snacks? Also, do you meal prep for the week? I need some inspiration!
Meggan: My go-to’s are: rice cakes (I like these) with almond butter, bell peppers and hummus, banana oatmeal “cookies” (recipe here), avocado toast (I like to add radish + lemon juice OR cottage cheese + red pepper flakes), apple with laughing cow cheese wedge, hard boiled eggs, and edamame. I meal prep my lunch for the week which I have just been doing ground turkey – I cook it with red pepper flakes, garlic salt and cumin. With that I make a spinach salad with fresh pico, avocado, black beans, and corn. It’s not that exciting but it’s lean and filling. I actually just pinned a bunch of meal prep ideas on Pinterest (follow here) because I need to switch it up. I’m going to do these chicken fajita lunch bowls next week! I also cut up fruits and veggies so they are at hand for snacking!
Brooke: I also love rice cakes with almond butter, raw veggies and hummus, avocado toast, fruit, greek yogurt with granola, and hard boiled eggs. I typically try to meal prep for the week, but since we don’t have a kitchen it’s a little really difficult to do right now. To be totally honest, I’ve fallen off the wagon when it comes to eating healthy since we started the reno…but I’m planning to get back on it this weekend with a lot of grilling (veggies, chicken, etc).

14. Meggan, my boyfriend and I live in Chicago and are looking to buy a place. One of the neighborhoods we’re looking at is West Loop but neither have lived there (mostly have stayed in or around Lincoln Park). Do you like living in the area or any feedback on your experience?
I really, really love it! It has a small feel and is relatively quiet (and feels more urban) but there are so many restaurants, bars, shops, gyms, parks, etc. Randolph street is so charming and you will never run out of good places to eat. There are so many cool lofts/condo’s in the neighborhood too and I would say you get more space for your money over here.

15. Any cute tops/dress suggestions that would be easy to breastfeed in? I don’t want to always be wearing the basic nursing tank tops and actually feel cute/dressed up!
Strapless dresses and tanks are a great option for breastfeeding & looking cute! We love this dress, this dress, this one for more casual looks, this top, and this jumpsuit.